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Huawei fires back, points to US’ history of spying on phone networks

I think we should see the 'smoking gun'...: Chinese vendor Huawei has provided a longer response to US allegations of spying, claiming that it doesn't have the spying capability alleged by the US and pointing out that the US itself has a long history of spying on phone networks. "As evidenced by the Snowden leaks, the United States has been covertly accessing telecom networks worldwide, spying on other countries for quite some time," Huawei said in a six-paragraph sta...

Germany bans children’s smartwatches amid security, spying concerns

If the Germans are concerned, should you be?...: Germany is taking a stand against smartwatches designed for children, with its chief telecommunications agency reportedly viewing them more as spying devices than toys. The agency is reportedly encouraging teachers to be on the lookout for them in school settings and advising parents to destroy them if they’ve bought one for their child. In October, the European Consumer Organization issued an advisement warning parents abo

Russia’s hack of US State Department was “hand-to-hand” combat

If attackers, whether state-sponsored or not, are this brazen it shows that they have no perception of consequences from their actions: Russia's 2014 hack of an unclassified State Department computer system was much more aggressive than previously reported, with one official describing it as "hand-to-hand combat," according to an article published Monday by The Washington Post. Over a 24-hour period, top US network defenders repeatedly ejected the intruders. Just as quick

How Did the Feds Get Past Yahoo’s Encryption? Yahoo!

This article on WIRED looks at the drivers for the NSA's scanning practises and how encryption is not the answer. If you're a European business you should assume that they're looking at your data as well: [...] The spying scandal is surprising, in part, because it follows years of improvements to Yahoo’s email encryption practices. And from a broader perspective, it shows how law enforcement and intelligence agencies are aggressively responding to the spread of encryption