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Zoom Restricts End-to-End Encryption to Paid Users

I pay for my businesses Zoom accounts. Looks like Zoom are attempting a clear differentiation between paid and 'free'...: The end-to-end encryption feature will not be offered to free users, Zoom’s CEO said, in case Zoom needed to comply with federal and local law enforcement. Security experts are up in arms after learning that video conferencing app Zoom will only offer end-to-end encryption to paid users. On Zoom’s Wednesday first-quarter financia...

How Nick Clegg is trying to fix Facebook’s global image

Like many 'older' people, Facebook has become the main contact medium with friends and family scattered around the world. I'm actually quite glad that "I agree with Nick" is at FB...: WASHINGTON — For anyone watching Facebook’s public struggles over the past few years, the opening months of the coronavirus crisis marked a head-spinning change. Suddenly, a company in a defensive crouch after a long set of embarrassments and public relations battles was putting itself out ever

How Google and Apple outflanked governments in the race to build coronavirus apps

“We need to have a discussion on how Silicon Valley is increasingly taking over the job of a nation state,” said a government official. “But we don’t need to have it amid a pandemic.”...: In the digital fight against COVID-19, Big Tech squared off against governments — and won. As policymakers around Europe pushed to develop smartphone apps to track the spread of the coronavirus, Apple and Google flexed their muscles by laying out conditions for building the tools, which

This Zoom trick would have saved swearing politician’s blushes

I seem to be living my life on Zoom so have got used to some of the foibles. My top tips: 1) Set your defaults to join all meetings with Mic and Camera off; 2) Use the "Press Spacebar to unmute" feature so you know when others can hear you; 3) Always use a password (it's the default now) and consider using a waiting room so you can vet who's allowed in. Here's Graham's take on the whole thing...: As BBC News reports, Welsh health minister Vaughan Gething made a schoolboy err

National governments are joining the ‘Big Tech’ club

Anyone who has followed the history of government IT projects will know that there's a record of botched  and delayed implementation, budget overruns, and scope creep. The scope creep is what worries most of us privacy nerds...: There’s a new entrant in the rarefied club of Big Tech: national governments. As politicians grapple with how to handle a global pandemic that has shuttered entire countries, decimated national economies and left 160,000 people dead, they’re turni

Security tips every teacher and professor needs to know about Zoom, right now

What's the betting that 'Zoombombing' is one of the words of 2020?...: With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of people to work, learn, and socialize from home, Zoom conferences are becoming a default method to connect. And with popularity comes abuse. Enter Zoom bombing, the phenomenon of trolls intruding into other people's meetings for the sole purpose of harassing attendees, usually by bombarding them with racist or sexually explicit images or statements. A s...

Zoom Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Sharing Data with Facebook

Regulatory controls seem to be changing tech company behaviour. Good...: On Monday a user of the popular video-conferencing software Zoom filed a class action lawsuit against the company for sending data to Facebook. The lawsuit argues that Zoom violated California's new data protection law by not obtaining proper consent from users about the transfer of the data. "Defendant knew or should have known that the Zoom App security practices were inadequate to safeguard the Cl

Working From Home? Zoom Tells Your Boss If You’re Not Paying Attention

Sneaky...: During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans will be forced to work, play, and learn from home for the foreseeable future. Such a massive shift will lean not only on shaky and expensive U.S. broadband networks, but popular teleconferencing programs that often don’t quite work as advertised. Zoom in particular has seen a flood of new users, and the company’s stock has jumped roughly 20 percent since the COVID-19 outbreak began. But as new users flock to the

Google’s War on Android App Permissions, 60 Percent Successful

The default position for most developers has historically been "Grant me God-like powers" but that goes completely against the principles of "least privilege" and "privacy by default and design" from GDPR. Google has been reminding developers as has Apple...: [...] Meanwhile app permissions continue to be a point of controversy among end-users and developers. Earlier this week Apple took heat over the way it handles permissions tied to cut-and-paste data temporarily stored t

Europe is fighting tech battle with one hand tied behind its back

I disagree with the general thrust of this article. Some 'Big Tech' companies, notably Apple, are differentiating on their approach to privacy. As the markets become more aware of privacy issues the European approach may carve out it's own niche...: As Europe lays out its grand vision for a digital future, there is at least one area where the bloc remains unrivalled — creating obstacles for itself. When the European Commission unveiled its proposals for competing with the