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Helping people be data aware

Today the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is launching the ‘Be Data Aware’ campaign to help people understand how organisations might be using their data to target them online, and how people can control who is targeting them.

Accuracy of AI system outputs and performance measures

One topic that doesn't get talked about enough is the ability to justify a decision made by AI. Worth reading the ICO's view...: Continuing our AI auditing framework blog  series , Reuben Binns, our Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Valeria Gallo, Technology Policy Adviser, explore how the data protection principle of accuracy applies to AI systems, and propose some steps organisations should take to ensure compliance.

Helping us strike the right balance between journalism and data protection

The ICO clarifies its position on journalism...: Privacy and freedom of expression are both fundamental rights that are equally vital to our society, democracy and way of life. But they can sometimes appear to be in conflict with each other. Our data protection laws aim to reconcile these rights and achieve a crucial balance. But it is important that those organisations engaged in journalism know how to apply the requirements and exemptions in practice.