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ICO statement on Adtech work

Even the regulator is feeling the strain: “The ICO recently set out its regulatory approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we spoke about reassessing our priorities and resources. “Taking this into account we have made the decision to pause our investigation into real time bidding and the Adtech industry. “It is not our intention to put undue pressure on any industry at this time but our concerns about Adtech remain and we aim to restart our work in the coming mon

Information Commissioner sets out new priorities for UK data protection during COVID-19 and beyond

She's watching...: A blog by Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. Last month, as the ICO set out its regulatory approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, I spoke of the importance of regulators applying their authority within the larger social and economic situation. The document we published that day made clear what organisations can expect of us in the coming months. My office’s role is to be both an enabler and a protector. We must reflect the requirements an

COVID-19 contact tracing: data protection expectations on app development

What's the betting that the NHS app won't be in line with these recommendations? ...: Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham and Executive Director of Technology and Innovation Simon McDougall appear before the Human Rights Joint Committee on 4 May 2020. This document was sent to the committee in advance of the session. It sets out the ICO’s expectations on how contact tracing solutions may be developed in line with the principles of data protection by design and de

Statement in response to details about an NHSX contact tracing app to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

Compare this to the Australian approach...: An ICO spokesperson said: “People must have trust and confidence in the way personal data is used to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The ICO also recognises the vital role that data can play in tracking the pandemic and the need to act urgently. We have been working with NHSX to help them ensure a high level of transparency and governance. We will continue to offer that support during the life of the app as it is developed, rolled

How we will regulate during coronavirus

The UK regulator signalling that now is not the time for dogma...: [...] “A principle underpinning data protection law is that the processing of personal data should be designed to serve mankind. Right now, that means the regulator reflecting these exceptional times, and showing the flexibility that the law allows." “We must reflect these exceptional times. We will continue to recognise the continuing importance of privacy protections, and the value of transparency provid