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Zoom Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Sharing Data with Facebook

Regulatory controls seem to be changing tech company behaviour. Good...: On Monday a user of the popular video-conferencing software Zoom filed a class action lawsuit against the company for sending data to Facebook. The lawsuit argues that Zoom violated California's new data protection law by not obtaining proper consent from users about the transfer of the data. "Defendant knew or should have known that the Zoom App security practices were inadequate to safeguard the Cl

WhatsApp flaw gave hackers access to files from Windows and Macs

Highlighting the dangers of the use of third party frameworks. Update now...: A nasty vulnerability has been discovered in the WhatsApp desktop client used by millions of people around the world. That vulnerability allows an attacker to send a malicious link that, when clicked on, could give the attacker access to all the files on a WhatsApp user’s computer. The vulnerability was discovered by security researcher Gal Weizman. It works by exploiting a f...

Senate Judiciary committee interrogates Apple, Facebook about crypto

I understand the desire, but the non-cognoscenti really don't understand why back doors are a bad idea...: In a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, while their counterparts in the House were busy with articles of impeachment, senators questioned New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, University of Texas Professor Matt Tait, and experts from Apple and Facebook over the issue of gaining legal access data in encrypted devices and messages. And committee ch...

Reddit Says Influence Campaign is Behind Leaked U.S.-U.K. Trade Documents

I don't think it's any surprise that the Labour party has been a "useful idiot" in this case...: Reddit has revealed that key U.S.-U.K. trade documents posted on its site were likely done so as part of a broader political-influence campaign that first appeared on Facebook and tied to Russia-based operatives. The online media aggregator says it has linked documents that were leaked on its site in October from a user called Gregoratior to a “vote-manipulation” campaign orig

Facebook tried to fight $5B FTC fine, is ready to fight antitrust probes

Looking at this from a business perspective Facebook would be failing its shareholders if they did not contest a $5 billion fine...: Facebook's $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission this summer smashed records: the FTC had never before fined any company such a hefty amount. But even though critics immediately lambasted the deal as a comparative slap on the wrist for Facebook, which earned about $56 billion in revenue in 2018, newly released documents sh...

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers found lying around on the internet

Maybe time to invest in an early warning system like CybelAngel...? TechCrunch reports that a security researcher stumbled across an exposed server on the internet containing databases with a total of more than 419 million records related to Facebook users. According to TechCrunch’s reporting, each database record contains a user’s unique Facebook account ID (from which it’s possible to determine a user name) and phone numbers attached to the account. The treasure trove o

Facebook Drops Default Facial Recognition Tag Suggestions

Perhaps FB is beginning to understand the public's suspicion of facial recognition?... [...] Facebook is giving users more control over a facial recognition feature used by the company to help identify, or Tag, people on its platform. Starting Tuesday, the company said it would allow its users to opt-out of the Tag Suggestions feature, while at the same time the company is attempting to help users better understand what the feature does. Facebook said it will replace the

A week in security (July 22 – 28)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we offered an extensive analysis into the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 investigation, updated users on the newest feature set to AdwCleaner 7.4.0 (it now detects pre-installed software), and provided a deep dive into Phobos ransomware. We also broke down the latest privacy cautions regarding the popular app, FaceApp. In addition, we looked at an interesting real-life shoe-shining scam that was noticed online, and gave a comprehensive breakd

New Facebook ad reporting tool launches in UK

Last year, well-known consumer advice expert Martin Lewis decided to take Facebook to court for defamation. The cause? Multiple bogus adverts placed on the social network featuring his likeness, appearing via the ad network Outbrain. As a trusted face in consumer causes, scammers bolting Lewis’ face onto rogue ads would always be a money spinner. This would, of course, have the knock-on effect of potentially damaging his reputation, especially with tales of victims losing as

A week in security (July 15 – 21)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we took an extensive look at Sodinokibi, one of the new ransomware strains found in the wild that many believe picked up where GandCrab left off. We also profiled Extenbro, a Trojan that protects adware; reported on the UK’s new Facebook reporting tool, homed in on new Magecart strategies that render them ‘”bulletproof;” identified challenges faced by the education sector in the age of cybersecurity; and looked at how older generations keep up