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Don’t panic! There’s nothing malicious about this website (but if I was a criminal I would say that, wouldn’t I?).

If you’ve ended up on this page it means you’ve fallen victim to one of my occasional phishing tests to see how many people will actually click links in a well crafted, but fake, email.

You might also have seen a popup or other page on your way here. If we were being malicious, we would have attempted to capture your login details and/or encourage you to download some malware. In some cases we could have installed malware on your device without you clicking on anything.

What should you do?

The Infographic below gives some good advice…

If you’re confident that you can spot a phishing email, try this online test:

If you’d like to know more about securing yourself and your business, consider signing up for one of our education packages at BrownGlock (yes, it’s safe to click the link)


Peter Glock

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