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Gemalto reports increase in blockchain use for securing the Internet of Things

With all the doom and gloom around Bitcoin and Ethereum price and security issues it's easy to overlook the impact that the underlying blockchain technology is having in other areas...: The use of blockchain-based technology to help secure Internet of Things (IoT) data, devices, and services doubled last year, a report from Gemalto has revealed. According to the company's The State of IoT Security report, released on Tuesday, blockchain has emerged as a potential aid to t

QuintessenceLabs Supports Quantum Alliance Initiative’s Recommendations for Quantum …

This is an important milestone in getting us to an era of quantum-safe encryption...: CANBERRA, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Australia-based cybersecurity firm QuintessenceLabs joined other security companies in developing and supporting the first recommendations for global quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generators (QRNG). These recommendations were submitted to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on 7 January and will be discussed at th

Why website security captchas are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Time to rethink your use of captchas. I tend to use them to lessen the amount of spam sent by bots using contact forms. Looks like that's not going to work in future...: [...] Mr Guixin Ye, the lead student author of the work said: “It allows an adversary to launch an attack on services, such as Denial of Service attacks or spending spam or fishing messages, to steal personal data or even forge user identities. Given the high success rate of our approach for most of the text

Start-up aims to be an Airbnb of computer databases by letting people rent out unused data storage

I can see parallels with the edge-computing initiatives from HP and others. At its simplest, we are all carrying around highly capable computing and storage devices that can do so much more than distribute cat memes...: Heavyweight players like Amazon and Microsoft dominate the cloud space with centralized databases. But an alternative decentralized system will help solve inherent problems in the existing system, according to Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle, a start-up that use

Another Microsoft MFA Outage Affects Multiple Services

What you don't want is that users turn off multifactor authentication...: For the second time in two weeks, Microsoft's multifactor authentication (MFA) service was down and causing login headaches for users of services including Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics. On Nov. 19, users of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 couldn't log into their accounts due to problems with MFA. When they attempted to log in, they didn't receive SMS verification codes, phone calls, or push notifi...

Quantum computing: The double-edged sword for cybersecurity

The question you should be including in your RFI/RFPs is "what are your plans for implementing Quantum-safe Encryption?"... [...] Time and time again, we’ve seen instances of ground-breaking technologies being exploited by those with less than pure intentions. Quantum computing is no exception, with Michele Mosca from the Institute for Quantum Computing recently stating that there is “a one in seven chance that some fundamental public key cryptography will be broken by quant

Researchers Created Fake ‘Master’ Fingerprints to Unlock Smartphones

Is the writing on the wall for fingerprints as an unlock method? AI can generate fake fingerprints that work as master keys for smartphones that use biometric sensors. According to the researchers that developed the technique, the attack can be launched against individuals with “some probability of success.” Biometric IDs seem to be about as close to a perfect identification system as you can get. These types of IDs are based on the unique physical traits of individuals,

Google won’t let you sign in if you disabled JavaScript in your browser

Just in case you have automated anything that requires login to a Google service, be aware of this change...: Google announced today four new security features for securing Google accounts. These four updates are meant to bolster protections before and after users sign into accounts, but also in the case of recovering after a hack. According to Google's Jonathan Skelker, the first of these protections that Google has rolled out today comes into effect even before users st

Why cybersecurity dominates concerns surrounding AI adoption

It looks as though the ongoing debate about AI adoption has made it out of the technorati circle and in to potential business users. Good...: [...] When considering the impacts of AI, respondents cited cybersecurity as the top concern when it comes to executing AI projects. Some 32% of businesses professionals have experienced an AI-related breach within the last two years. In fear of more cybersecurity infiltrations, 30% of respondents have slowed initiatives, and one in fi