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Huawei rules out cybersecurity risk management mechanism in cooperation with Chinese gov’t

Huawei makes the point that all of its competitors operate in China, and use Chinese-manufactured components in their products. There's a bigger point here. If you have a disk drive in your device, it probably came from Thailand, LCD screens from Taiwan, and so on. To talk about a product being 'Chinese' or 'European' is basically meaningless...: [...]Chen said Huawei has signed over 50 5G commercial contracts across the world. Twenty-eight of these were signed in Europe.

Google to clamp down on Incognito Mode detection

One incognito-mode use for me is to compare the prices I get offered where cookies are set against 'new visitor' pricing. Incognito isn't just for pr0n sites...: Google has chosen to remove a method websites could use to detect visitors that used Chrome's Incognito Mode when on a web site. When Chrome 76 lands at the end of July, sites will no longer be able to check if the FileSystem API is available or not. If it was not available, sites could deduce the visitor was in

New Study Shows AI Made Scientific Discoveries Humans Missed: What are the Implications for eDiscovery?

Legal process usually lags behind commercial application of new technology. Here's a discussion about a potential use for AI, but why it's difficult to implement...: [...]In a recent study published in Nature, researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory used an algorithm called Word2Vec to read scientific papers. The algorithm was given no training in scientific knowledge, instead relying only on word associations. While reviewing over 3 million previously wri

Data Center Changes Push Cyber Risk to Network’s Edge

Pressure on the 'fortress data centre' model means that application loads are being moved closer to their users. That brings considerable risk...: [...] "Edge computing" in this context is computing that has been pushed closer to users and devices rather than delivering all compute services from central locations. Among organizations who have edge sites today or expect to have edge sites in 2025, more than half (53%) expect the number of edge sites they support to grow by at

New Aussie “vaccine” to prevent disastrous effects of cyber-attacks: top scientists

The history of exposing machine learning algorithms to the world shows how easy it is to 'pollute' the data. Here's an idea from Australia to protect them...: Researchers from Data61, the data and digital arm of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), said on Thursday that the "vaccine" is a significant advancement in machine learning research. Algorithms can perform given tasks such as diagnose diseases from x-rays and identify spam emai

Yes, AI Has a Carbon Footprint

My impression is that IT consumes more energy than more notorious sectors like air transportation. It looks like AI won't help...: Artificial intelligence might seem ephemeral, but the incredible recent advancements in machine learning have an environmental cost. According to a new study, the cost of training one off-the-shelf AI model using a single high-end graphics card (or GPU) generates the carbon equivalent of a flight across the United States. The training of a dif

Apple to replace iTunes with separate services: report

I only fire up iTunes when doing a backup/restore for a phone. Not sorry to see it go... Apple will scrap its iTunes service during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference which begins on Monday US time, a report says, adding that it would be replaced with separate services for music, video and podcasts. The US website Rolling Stone said the move would align Apple's strategy as its iPhones and iPads already have separate apps and iTunes only e...

UK Autodrive findings released

Behind the Tesla/Waymo hype, here's the state of driverless cars in the UK...: In December 2014 UK Autodrive was named as the largest of three successful consortia to be selected in response to Innovate UK’s ‘Introducing driverless cars to UK roads’ competition. In late 2018 the project successfully concluded, with the world’s first multi-modal journey featuring connected and autonomous road- and pavement-based vehicles. The findings of this project have been published in...

Goodbye Passwords: Hello Identity Management

The death of passwords has been announced many times. When my mum stops using them, I'll be convinced that we've finally moved on to something better...: Keeping track of user names and passwords sounds easy, but it is not. In a world where protected network resources are accessed by employees on mobile devices, outside contractors, web applications and internet of things (IoT) devices – passwords just don’t cut it anymore. The stakes are high: Eighty-one percent of confi

VMware talks up multi-cloud era, need to transform security

All together now (in best Scotty accent) "You cannae change the laws of physics". The secondary point about rising complexity of security 'solutions' is well made. I suggest you send the next 'magic bullet' vendor away with a flea in their ear (unless it's my company)...: Driven by the laws of physics, economics, and land, the future of enterprise computing will head towards a multi-cloud era and technology vendors will have to step up to help businesses manage these environ