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AI will take over your job — maybe

AI in an advisory capacity, I'm fine with that. But when AI becomes the primary decision maker, who carries the can when things go wrong (and they will)...: We know artificial intelligence technology will change the future of jobs and the labor market. What we don’t know yet is how. In less than a decade, machines could take over 52 percent of the current workload, compared to 29 percent today, according to a report from the World Economic Forum. It’s not all bad news,

This story was not written by a robot

Could you ever trust software to be impartial?...: BERLIN — Robot reporters have arrived in the newsroom. Algorithms are writing up company earnings, covering sports championships and dabbling in crime and politics. One day, if the techno-optimists are to be believed, they will be doing much of the work journalists do today. For now, your loyal correspondent’s job seems to be safe. Despite the galloping pace of technological progress, computers are still far from being ab

Startup Armor Scientific Launches Multifactor Identity System

It's a good idea, removing the need for multiple steps to get authenticated, but it sounds fiendishly complicated to achieve...: [...] Increasingly, companies are moving to two-factor (2FA) authentication or MFA to allow authorized users and workers access to their systems and services. However, nearly two-thirds of companies have reported facing stiff resistance from workers to adopt two-factor authentication, according to an August 2018 study. 2FA can be slow, so many s

Why An Expanded Password System Is Vital For Cyber Security

This article about the evolution of identity management was written by a Japanese author so apologies for the 'interesting' English but he makes some very good points. For example, even the most sophisticated and tamper-proof biometrics can be rendered insecure by the provision of a fall-back authentication like a PIN (we've probably all encountered this on a mobile device). Worth a read...: [...] You might assume that biometrics deployed with a password/PIN in ‘multi-layer’

Unlocking Blockchain: 3 Considerations To Minimize Cybersecurity Risk In Smart Contracts

Using Blockchain in your project? Read this article...: This may come as a shock to some, but it seems that the chorus of voices singing the praises of blockchain and how blockchain technology is essentially “unhackable” are, well, wrong.  As reported in a recent article in MIT Technology Review, a security team for the cryptocurrecy exchange Coinbase uncovered an attack on the Etheruem Clasic blockchain (although no currency was reportedly taken from its accounts).  That sa

SK Telecom to launch quantum gateway for self-driving car security

Forget "AI", I nominate "Quantum" as this year's buzzphrase: [...] The gateway, which was co-developed with South Korean controller maker GINT, will monitor various devices for Vehicle-2-Everything (V2X), Bluetooth, radar, smart keys, and driver assistance systems. It will alert the driver and any connected monitoring centre of hacking. The gateway transfers a quantum random number generator and quantum key along with the data that will "fundamentally prevent hackin

5Stars struggle to debug digital democracy

Contrast this approach to apply technology to citizenship with Estonia's e-residency and other digital initiatives...: ROME — When Gianroberto Casaleggio, the idealogue behind Italy’s governing 5Star Movement, died in 2016, he left a final gift for his followers — a pioneering internet platform with the grand aim of bringing direct democracy to the masses. The populist movement, which grew out of a blog, has been a pioneer in digital democracy, consulting its online base

Gemalto reports increase in blockchain use for securing the Internet of Things

With all the doom and gloom around Bitcoin and Ethereum price and security issues it's easy to overlook the impact that the underlying blockchain technology is having in other areas...: The use of blockchain-based technology to help secure Internet of Things (IoT) data, devices, and services doubled last year, a report from Gemalto has revealed. According to the company's The State of IoT Security report, released on Tuesday, blockchain has emerged as a potential aid to t

QuintessenceLabs Supports Quantum Alliance Initiative’s Recommendations for Quantum …

This is an important milestone in getting us to an era of quantum-safe encryption...: CANBERRA, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Australia-based cybersecurity firm QuintessenceLabs joined other security companies in developing and supporting the first recommendations for global quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generators (QRNG). These recommendations were submitted to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on 7 January and will be discussed at th

Why website security captchas are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Time to rethink your use of captchas. I tend to use them to lessen the amount of spam sent by bots using contact forms. Looks like that's not going to work in future...: [...] Mr Guixin Ye, the lead student author of the work said: “It allows an adversary to launch an attack on services, such as Denial of Service attacks or spending spam or fishing messages, to steal personal data or even forge user identities. Given the high success rate of our approach for most of the text