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UAE may lift WhatsApp calls ban ‘soon’, says top cyber security official

Does this mean that the UAE have found a way to monitor voice calls via WhatsApp?...: The UAE may lift the ban on WhatsApp calls soon, a top cyber security official said. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, executive director of the UAE’s National Electronic Security Authority, said talks are ongoing with Facebook-owned WhatsApp. “The collaboration with WhatsApp has actually increased, and in many of those (projects) we saw a very good understanding (from them) of the concept we have,

10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of AI In Security

Most of these charts seem to indicate widespread adoption of AI for cybersecurity (at least in the U.S.). The cynic in me thinks that the 'executives' surveyed have trusted their vendors' claims when told that they are buying an AI-based solution. Maybe we're seeing the rise of 'AI-washing', very much like 'Cloud-washing' became a thing...: [...] 69% of enterprise executives believe artificial intelligence (AI) will be necessary to respond to cyberattacks with the majority o

Mind-reading technology is everyone’s next big security nightmare

Brain computer interfaces (BCI) are already here in the form of external (non-invasive) and internal (invasive) systems. Putting aside the risks from invasive surgery, do you want your data 'out there'?...: [...] That said, once the data is collected by BCI and passed on to other software, it's just as secure as any other set of information. In the wake of many, many data breaches it's clear there are no guarantees that sensitive information is better protected than other ki

Deloitte drafts AI into the back office, and other tech stories you may have missed

Accountants may have a less than exciting image but they have embraced AI to remove some of the most boring parts of the job...: ConnectMe — an artificial intelligence-supported system introduced by Deloitte back in 2016 — is helping HR and IT professionals cut down on wasting unnecessary time dealing with relatively simple questions/tasks that often take hours for employees to complete. ConnectMe works off of algorithms that use in-house data. Using the algorithms and in-ho

How MIT researchers use machine learning to detect IP hijackings before it occurs

This smacks of Minority Report pre-crime. I like it...: [...] To zero in on serial IP hijackings, the team grabbed information from network operator mailing lists and from historical BGP data taken every five minutes from the global routing table. By analyzing that information, they were able to detect specific traits of hijackers and then train their system to automatically identify those traits. Specifically, the machine learning system tagged networks with three key tr

Great 5G features that also make it the most vulnerable cellular network

The good news is that 5G is software based so can be updated. The bad news is that 5G is software based so is easier to hack...: [...] Unlike previous generations, 5G's security architecture is designed to protect the privacy of users by concealing their identity through encryption. To achieve this, a new type of identity was developed: The Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI). SUCI is a partially encrypted Subscription Permanent Identifier (SUPI) aimed at protecting

WatchGuard releases cloud-based service to automatically block phishing attempts

I sat next to a security manager for an academic institution in Latvia last week and asked him what he was doing to protect his network seeing as he had little or no control over the student devices connected to it. He said that monitoring DNS gave him the best visibility of malicious activity as he could track which devices were making connections to dodgy IPs, then inform the end user and ask them to fix the problem, and ban devices that continued to have problems. He'd wri...

Dear network operators, please use the existing tools to fix security

Using the public internet for mission-critical workloads? Time to make sure plan B is in place...: [...] The BGP standard includes so-called Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) to certify the truth of routing messages, but they're not deployed as widely as they might be. As APNIC's chief scientist Geoff Huston says, internet routing is therefore a "system that relies on the propagation of rumours". False rumours can be mistakes

Say hello to 802.11ax: Wi-Fi 6 device certification begins today

I have an ancient Wifi setup in my home/office using a mix of kit from Netgear, Apple, Sky, BT...some of it more than 10 years old. This might give me an incentive to upgrade, eventually... Today, the Wi-Fi Alliance launched its Wi-Fi Certified 6 program, which means that the standard has been completely finalized, and device manufacturers and OEMs can begin the process of having the organization certify their products to carry the Wi-Fi 6 branding. If you need a bit ...

Microsoft pushes back end of support for Exchange Server 2010 by nine months

If you're running workloads on (very) old versions of Windows platforms, there's a little bit of pressure relief in this announcement. Microsoft would very much like you to move to Azure...: [...] The October 13, 2020 date aligns with the end of support for Office 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. A reminder: Users cannot upgrade directly from Exchange Server 2010 on-premises to Exchange Server 2019. They will first have to go to Exchange 2013 or 2016, as Microsoft notes i