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New Platform Aims To Help Protect Power Grid From Cyber Threats

An interesting initiative in the US for power companies to Know Your Supply Chain by sharing information about the vendors that supply them...: [...] The sheer volume of supply chain vendors that provide equipment, software, and services to power utilities makes this a daunting task. The vast majority of the 3,000 electricity providers are small, regional operations that don’t have the manpower or budget to address this requirement effectively. The reason Fortress and AEP

Five Emails you don’t want in your Inbox

I've had all of these hit my inbox at one time...: [...] 1. Payment Diversion Fraud Cybercriminals often masquerade as a supplier, requesting invoices are paid to alternative bank details. They can also pretend to be an employee, asking the HR department to pay their salary into a different account. Payment diversion fraud targets both businesses and individuals and the results can understandably be devastating. There’s little point requesting someone to make a bank t

MI5 mounts top-secret operation to protect MPs’ phones from Russians hackers

Not exactly 'top secret' if it's reported in one of the tabloid papers...: MI5 has mounted a top-secret election operation to protect MPs’ phones from Russian hackers. Spy chiefs have ordered unprecedented measures to beef up the security of candidates vulnerable to foreign cyber attack. Warnings were issued to MPs and their staff after it was discovered that some phone accounts were being targeted by hackers. Personal and political communications have been shut dow

Amazon Fixes Ring Video Doorbell Flaw That Leaked Wi-Fi Credentials

I want to know why this wasn't picked up in product testing... Amazon has patched a vulnerability in its Ring smart doorbell device that could allow attackers to access the owner’s Wi-Fi network credentials and potentially reconfigure the device to launch an attack on the home network, researchers have found. Researchers discovered the problem in Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro IoT device, a smart doorbell that combines security cameras with motion-detection to help prot

Aventura charged for flogging Chinese spy equipment to US gov’t with security vulnerabilities

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? as Donald Trump is very unlikely to say...: Aventura Technologies and its operator have been charged with fraud after allegedly selling surveillance equipment to the US government with known security vulnerabilities. Located in Commack, New York, the company, which sells products including vision cameras, CCTV, and storage services, is central to a criminal complaint unsealed on Thursday. According to the US Department of Justice (DoJ), A

Four ways to defend your network against IoT vulnerabilities

Since I've been selling IT Asset management, I've seen numerous articles like this one pop up. Knowing what's on your network, both hardware and software, are the top 2 things in the CIS top 20 so it's no surprise that this applies to IoT. Ask me about Axonius some time...: [...] 1. You can’t protect what you can’t see Less than half of all businesses are able to detect IoT breaches, according to a recent study. This detection issue is largely the result of the sheer n

James Fisher and Sons hit by cyber breach

This story popped up several times in my news feeds so I suspect there's more to the breach than is being shared at the moment...: Marine services provider James Fisher and Sons (JFS) told investors on Tuesday that hackers had managed to breach its computer systems. JFS has since taken all affected systems offline and is currently working to recover data from back-ups, according to a Reuters report. The company said that it had notified regulators and law enforcement auth

New cybersecurity guide is the first to gather global expertise

Worth adding to your own reference library... Some of the world's leading experts in cybersecurity have pooled their academic and industry insights to produce an authoritative guide that could help organizations to future proof their resources. The guide, the first of its kind, will also help expand the capabilities of those who will be at the forefront of tackling the challenges of an increasingly connected world. Despite cyberattacks costing the global economy hundreds

Disclosure Does Little to Dissuade Cyber Spies

It seems that no one cares about being identified any more...: When cybersecurity services firm Mandiant released its APT 1 report in 2013, the Chinese group immediately shut down, and the command-and-control servers that had been used by the group to manage its infrastructure went quiet. The incident has driven a naming-and-shaming policy pursued by the United States, which has filed indictments against a number of cyber-espionage actors in Russia, China, and Iran. Howev...