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Cyber crooks feared to have stolen personal details of 120000 cops

Red Top reporting on this years' ironic hack...: EXTORTIONISTS are feared to have stolen the personal details of 120,000 cops in a malware attack on a computer system. The Police Federation staff association was targeted earlier this month. The crooks deleted databases with members’ names and ranks, email addresses and national insurance numbers. Bank details were also hit, along with confidential information on officers involved in complaints. Credit card details o...

What Security Threats of the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Cybersecurity

My observation is that, currently, there's always a human behind the attack and humans tend to act the same way even when using new capabilities. Cyber defence is more about psychology than clever tech. Once the AI takes over, that's another matter...: [...] We’ve come a long way since the Love Bug when it comes to improving overall security efforts and addressing cyberthreats. Attackers have also come a long way over the past two decades as their tactics become more sophist

Metal firm Hydro plans recovery from ransomware that could be wiper malware

Norsk Hydro seem to be handling this attack is a calm, professional manner...: Aluminium manufacturer Norsk Hydro claims to have found the “root cause” of the global IT outage due to a cyberattack believed to have been caused by LockerGoga, a strain of ransomware that displays some very unusual behaviours, according to Cisco’s Talos Intelligence researchers. Hydro’s worldwide IT network was paralyzed on Tuesday by the attack that started in one of its US operations and fo

Researchers Seek Out Ways to Search IPv6 Space

This puts the challenges for security researchers in perspective as the planet shifts to IPv6...: [...] Time for a little math. The IPv6 Internet has 2^128 addresses, or 3.4 times 10^38 — an astronomical number. (For comparison, astronomers estimate that there are 2 times 10^23 stars in the universe, which means there are a million billion times more IPv6 addresses than stars.) If it took a single second to scan the entire IPv4 address space, it would take 25 billion bill...

Cyber criminals are targeting HR departments to steal your salary

Payroll accounts for the largest chunk of money that moves out of most businesses. Unfortunately, the protections rely on vigilant managers rather than security controls...: The human resources manager tried to be calm and reassuring, but there still was a brief moment of panic: someone, somewhere, had tried to steal Robert’s salary. As anybody with a mortgage knows, missing pay day by just one or two days could cause a lot trouble. The manager had received an email that ...

More than half of EU firms report cyber attack losses

Notice how the language has changed. It's now about losses, not whether you've been attacked (we all have, even if you don't know it)...: [...] One in five IT decision-makers claimed cyber attackers left no clue to their identity, while 54% said they had faced at least one attack in the past two years that resulted in some sort of disruption, a survey has revealed. This disruption was in the form of service disruption (31%), data integrity issues (18%) and data loss (15%)

These are the top ten security vulnerabilities most exploited by hackers

We should all know by now that "Risk = likelihood x impact".  Given the likelihood that someone will attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities in your network it's worth checking if an attack against one of these top ten would work against you...: Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software have become an even more popular means of attack by cyber criminals - but an Adobe Flash vulnerability still ranks as the second most used exploit by hacking groups. Analysis by rese

RSA 2019: The Industry Grapples With Cybersecurity As A Business Strategy

"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" could be applied to most cybersecurity vendors. I don't think that cybersecurity is any different from managing any other risk. Yes, the threats are ever changing, but the risk profile is constant. Rather than confuse the market with newer, shinier silver bullets maybe vendors should explain how their 'solution' helps manage risk. That way, cybersecurity becomes embedded in strategic business risk management...: [..

Evolution of the RSA Conference and What It Means for the Future of Cybersecurity

RSAC has been about a lot more than the conference itself for as long as I can remember. It’s almost a badge of honour to never go to any of the ‘official’ talks or events but instead use it as a good place to network, find new customers, maybe find a new job. It’s a good sign that the organisers are thinking about the core conference and how to change...: The 2019 RSA Conference took place earlier this month in San Francisco. The event draws hundreds of vendors from the cyb