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Global intelligence agencies share UK stage for first time

This will be fascinating to see what's said in public vs. the behaviours we see from the different national agencies...: The Five Eyes intelligence agency alliance is to discuss global cyber vulnerabilities, shared experiences and differences in approach at the National Cyber Security Centre’s CyberUK 2019 conference in Glasgow from 24 to 25 April. The two-day event is expected to attract 2,500 cyber security experts, including specialists across government, industry and

RISK 2019

I'm at this event in March with my Cymmetria hat on. If you're lucky enough to be going, come and look me up.

Enterprises Still Neglecting Cybersecurity Staffing, According to Black Hat Survey

My friends for Cymmetria will be at Black Hat. Pop along to booth #264 (Shoreline, Level 2) to chat about deception. Meanwhile, there's an attempt to stir up some PR about the event through re-publication of some survey results. I'm skeptical about these surveys. Who is going to say "It's ok, I've got sufficient budget and resources to do everything."?...: Anticipation for the 2018 Black Hat USA Conference has become almost palpable. Tomorrow, August 4, the conference beg

I reviewed 600+ call-for-paper submissions, (and you’ll probably guess what happened next.)

I've spoken at conferences, but TBH usually because my company has paid for a slot. If you're competing for a more open slot, here's some advice from Lesley...: Ever wondered if your conference talk proposal measures up? I definitely do, every time I submit to a conference. Over the past week I reviewed over 600 call for paper submissions for the Derbycon information security conference. This was definitely a unique experience – I had participated in review boards in the

Security Summit 2018: How to implement DevSecOps

I'm a fan of DevSecOps so glad to see it's being discussed at this event...: [...] DevSecOps boosts cyber security by providing a configuration management framework through which security fixes can be rapidly deployed to very large environments, says Jason Suttie, head: Engineering at Foundery division of Rand Merchant Bank. Suttie will be presenting on 'Innovating in cyber security using DevOps', at the ITWeb Security Summit, being held this week (21 to 25 May) at Vod

Detect & Defend

I'll be at this partner event just outside Munich in early March. As expected, it's very well organised with some great speakers. I'll report back afterwards. Prost!

The International Cybersecurity Forum – FIC 2018, 23-24 January

The international cybersecurity forum is a platform aiming at promoting a pan-european vision of cybersecurity as well as to strengthen the fight against cybercrime. In order to do so, the FIC relies on : The trade show, to share knowledge and ideas, recruit new employees and maintain contacts The forum, to discuss and debate with experts, to gather ideas and to share professional lessons The Observatory, to continue exchanging views and information a...

The right penetration test for your organisation

My business organises penetration testing (pen test) as part of an overall risk review. IT Governance are running a webinar on pen testing which will explain what they are and how they fit in...: Cyber attacks are cheap to conduct, but expensive for organisations that are hit by them. Botnets can be hired cheaply, hacking software is readily available, and even those without technical or practical knowledge can purchase attacks as a service. Because organisations’ systems

Getting started with data flow mapping for the GDPR

Useful webinar from the folks at IT Governance. The first step to answering the question "what do you want to protect?"... Do you know where your organisation’s personal data is at all times? It may not always be stored in just the one place you think it is. It can be difficult to track what is happening with your organisation’s personal data without taking careful measures. The easiest way to start is by carrying out data flow mapping. Ok, so what is data flow mapping?