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From Threat Intel to Detection & Response

We're running a cyber defence webinar. If you've managed to avoid being spammed by our mailing list or Facebook ad, there's still no escape. We'll get at you via LinkedIn/Twitter/Carrier Pigeon.... Interested? Join Peter Glock and Sahir Hidayatullah, CEO, Smokescreen to learn how to simplify threat detection across the whole attack chain from knowing you’re under surveillance to being able to effectively respond to an attack. We'll cover: What is deception technology an

11 Hot Startups to Watch at Black Hat USA

I've been in one of the startups at Black Hat. For the physical show you sit at a (very) small booth and try to snare people as they come past and/or send your CEO out on the floor to chat and direct people to your demo. Sometimes the startups get in some demo practise by showing each other what they're up to, I've had referrals from other startup booths. I'm not sure how effective any of these tactics will be at the virtual version, let's see... A sneak peek at the up-and-c

Annual Black Hat convention travels from the Las Vegas strip to the digital world

If you've never fancied (or had an employer to pay for) Vegas in August, here's a new way of attending Black Hat this week...: [...] Wylie says they are doing their best to keep the event the same. Including more than 90 research briefings and 80 technical trainings. One topic Wylie said they heard loud and clear from the community is protection for this upcoming election. “Where among our audience 85 percent of them felt that cyber actors would have some impact on thi

Webinar, 11 June 11.00 UK: Why is tackling the people component of cyber security so hard!

There's a lot of webinar action at the moment. I'm running one on 5 June with one of my technology partners(see here) and another of my partners has one 11 June Details below). I hope you find them useful...: We are hosting a series of monthly webinars on human-centred security with the aim of bringing together the industry and academia to develop a revolutionary Framework for the Management of Human Risk in Cyber Security. With all the investment in #securityawareness vi

The Impact of #COVID19 on the Infosec Industry – Webinar

Might be worth joining this one on 9 April..: [...] In this webinar, Infosecurity Magazine will be joined by a panel of security experts to discuss the various impacts that COVID-19 is having on the information security industry, asses the greatest risks currently threatening the security of data and reflect on what the sector must do to address the challenges being faced. [...]

The Top 5 Asset Management Challenges And How to Tackle Them

A webinar on the unsexy but very important subject of asset management (Disclosure: my company resells Axonius)...: This webinar will take place on: 03 December, 2019 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM EST Register Security professionals face several challenges today when it comes to enterprise cyber security asset management from aggregating disparate data sets or establishing real-time visibility in a fluid environment. Emerging technology, such as IoT deploym...

Hold the date…October 3rd, 15.00 BST (UK)/16.00 CEST (Europe)

We'll be announcing a special ThreatModeler webinar on building threat models for cloud services. This session will focus on AWS; we'll be looking at Azure and dedicated platforms in later sessions. Look out for registration links next week.

Google and YouTube part with $170 million to settle alleged violations of kid’s privacy

GDPR has become accepted best practise. Time to put COPPA into your framework as well...: Google and YouTube will pay $170 million to settle a case with the US Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney General that alleges the tech giant illegally collected the personal information of children. Under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), owners of online services targeted at children need to gain parental consent before collecting data on persons unde

Cybersecurity of Electric Vehicle Chargers

At the very simplest level we've seen card skimmers at charging stations. This event is aiming to go much deeper. If you're in the vicinity of Rockville it looks like a worthwhile trip...: NIST will host a host a one-day meeting focusing on the current state of federal research around the cybersecurity of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) on Thursday, September 12, 2019 from 8:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Rockville, MD.

Black Hat 2019 On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

I'm not at BlackHat or DEFCON this year. If you're going, checkout the list of events...: [...] If you’ve been to a conference like this before, you already know that there will be plenty to do at night as well. If this is your first time, be prepared. Many vendors host receptions or parties and it’s easy to have a calendar with 5 or 6 overlapping events on a given night. If you aren’t sure what’s going on or you want to make sure you aren’t missing a party you’d really like