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Research exposes cyber security industry’s vulnerabilities

Make sure you perform your due diligence before taking on a security supplier, and follow it up with regular checks...: A staggering 97% of topcyber security companies have data leaks or other security incidents exposed on the dark Web, and on average, there are over 4000 stolen credentials and other sensitive data exposed per company. This was one of the findings of ImmuniWeb's research into the state of the global cyber security industry’s exposure on the dark Web this

Due Diligence That Money Can’t Buy

A warning to start-ups looking for investors...: Most of us automatically put our guard up when someone we don’t know promises something too good to be true. But when the too-good-to-be-true thing starts as our idea, sometimes that instinct fails to kick in. Here’s the story of how companies searching for investors to believe in their ideas can run into trouble. Nick is an investment banker who runs a firm that helps raise capital for its clients (Nick is not his real

University of South Australia says blockchain at odds with privacy obligations

This isn't a new issue. Most of the blockchain projects I've been involved in are contract ledgers which hold company details rather than individuals' personal information. Even those holding healthcare information have some form of anonymisation built in...: [...] The university said there are key privacy issues inherent to current blockchain platforms, with a paper from UniSA emerging technologies researcher Dr Kirsten Wahlstrom and Charles Sturt University's Dr Anwaar Ulh

CEOs will be held accountable for ‘killer’ malware in future, says Gartner

This is gaining wider publicity. However, Gartner is better know by CIOs rather than CEOs. Once one of the big four starts writing about CEO liability it might start to be taken seriously...: [...] Gartner defines CPS as systems engineered to orchestrate sensing, computation, control, networking, and analytics to interact with the physical world — including humans. They underpin all connected IT, operational technology (OT), and Internet of Things (IoT) efforts where secu

Testing & Automation Pay Off for NSA’s DevSecOps Project

If DevOps is right for some or all of your projects, then the experience of the NSA applies to you. Make sure that your developers are measured on code quality and user feedback and incorporate security into the development process...: [...] The NSA joins many other companies in committing to DevOps, and the security-inclusive DevSecOps, which have both made significant inroads into companies in the past year. No wonder: Developers get measured on the quality of their code

Persistent Aggrandizement? Israel’s Cyber Defense Architecture

I'm a fan of Israel's public/private approach to cybersecurity, so much so that I've worked for and with a number of Tel Aviv-based startups. Here's a paper comparing Israel and the US approaches to cyber defence. Which one takes your fancy?...: Since 2011, the Israeli government has worked to centralize and streamline cyber defense authorities and responsibilities. It has established a new civilian national security agency to oversee cybersecurity preparedness and monitor a

11 policy problems on the EU’s fall agenda

Digital business is front and centre in the EU's thinking...: Coronavirus isn’t the only problem facing EU officials this fall. After the global crisis put a lengthy hold on life in Brussels, the back-to-school season is a chance for the EU to regain momentum — in some cases because it has to. There are several policy files on which the bloc needs to make progress this year, even as many officials and diplomats continue to work virtually. Here’s POLITICO’s guide to 11

NBlog Aug 27 – creative teamwork post-lockdown

A thoughtful piece from one of my Antipodean friends. In several fields (Pharma, automotive, infosec...) we already see true innovation driven by small, nimble organisations then picked up by the big boys and turned into Business as Usual operations. For example, car design is often farmed out to small design houses (sometimes owned by the company, often not) then bought back in-house for production engineering. How will you adapt to the next wave of industrial revolution?......

28 Data#3 customers impacted by cyber attack

Interesting...either the market doesn't care about the attack, or Data#3 have handled the incident so well that it's boosted their reputation?...: Cloud computing and IT solutions provider Data#3 (ASX: DTL) has been hit by a cyber-security network incident that has impacted 28 of its customers. [...] Shares in Data#3 are up 3.33 per cent to $6.21 per share at 12:17pm AEST.

11 Hot Startups to Watch at Black Hat USA

I've been in one of the startups at Black Hat. For the physical show you sit at a (very) small booth and try to snare people as they come past and/or send your CEO out on the floor to chat and direct people to your demo. Sometimes the startups get in some demo practise by showing each other what they're up to, I've had referrals from other startup booths. I'm not sure how effective any of these tactics will be at the virtual version, let's see... A sneak peek at the up-and-c