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Huawei ensures cyber security with a huge transformation

Huawei appears to be getting on with the job of fixing the vulnerabilities in their equipment. Still no resolution of the trade war difficulties though...: Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest telecom equipment maker, has taken a series of measures to ensure the security of its products stands up to international scrutiny, a senior executive has revealed. “All the things that were published by the United Kingdom’s Oversight Board were obviously true. They are very pro

Walmart scoring execs against one another on security performance

I like this approach but I'd link it more directly to pay. In my days at Orange everyone's bonus calculation included a measure of the overall customer satisfaction. That meant a focus on making sure customer-facing issues received maximum attention...: [...] The dashboard, known as the executive scorecard, provides every executive within Walmart with a real-time overview of how they're performing. They're given a grade -- A, B, C, D, and F -- and ranked against other exe

Threatlist: 68% of Overwhelmed IT Managers Can’t Keep Up with Cyberattacks

Mid-sized companies are struggling to keep up. This represents an opportunity for the managed security providers, but they are failing to persuade potential clients to outsource...: IT managers feel overwhelmed by the volume of cyberattack attempts, with most of them admitting that successful hacks of their company networks are becoming the norm. That’s according to a research report The Impossible Puzzle of Cybersecurity, released Friday. In a survey of 3,100 IT managers

Nine ways cryptos are beefing up security

The long awaited maturing of the cryptocurrency exchanges is happening not because of regulatory measures, but because of commercial pressure...: [...] Various investor surveys continually point to security as one of the major – if not the top – concerns holding back investor appetite in cryptos. So what are exchanges doing to prevent major security breaches from happening again? The Binance hack took the all-time total stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges past the $1.35-

Congress declares war on Libra

The US sees this as a matter of sovereignty. Though I don't see Facebook as another Mt Gox, it's about to get very serious...: A Congressional subcommittee has asked Facebook to “immediately agree to a moratorium on any movement forward on Libra,”  the social network’s upcoming cryptocurrency.The letter was made public late today and sent to Facebook’s principals, including Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the social network. It was signed by Rep. Maxine Waters, chairwoman of the C

IMF Favors Cryptos? Says Digital Currencies are Part of the Future

A signal for mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies...: Digital currencies are here to stay and the fact that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recognized them as a part of the future, cements their standing further. In its recent report, IMF believes that central banks around the globe may start issuing digital currencies in the future. IMF, along with World Bank conducted a survey focused on fintech, which gathered insights and answers from financial institut

Moody’s, Israel’s Team8 to create cyber risk index for businesses

This is one of a number of initiatives to create a comparative scoring system for cyber risk (full disclosure - I created the BrownGlock Rating a few years ago for the same purpose). With the backing of a ratings agency, this has a good chance of success...: TEL AVIV, June 27 (Reuters) - Ratings agency Moody's Corp and Israeli cyber group Team8 launched on Thursday a joint venture to assess how vulnerable businesses are to cyber attacks and create what they hope will bec

McAfee sues former sales team over alleged leak of trade secrets to rival firm

The attitude to things like non-compete clauses is different for Europeans and such court actions rarely if ever succeed. It's very difficult to stop your valuable IP walking out of the door, but if they also take client data that's a breach of GDPR principles...: McAfee has launched a lawsuit against three former staff members over an alleged conspiracy to steal trade secrets for the benefit of their new employer, rival firm Tanium. As first reported by CyberScoop, the c

European CISOs at risk of burnout as skills shortage intensifies

At the beginning of my career I was very fortunate to work for an employer (BT) that had a 'grow your own' mentality for systems engineers and other skilled technical staff. Those staff then either stayed and progressed (I lasted 10 years) or took their skills and worked elsewhere. Larger employers need to adopt a similar 'grow your own' approach. We've seen the rise of apprenticeships for the big accounting houses, why not for cyber security?...: Some of Europe’s most senio