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Mark Zuckerberg rejects call from US lawmaker to break up Facebook

Here in the UK Facebook seems to have been abandoned by the under 25s. I can see the anti-trust reasons for pushing for a breakup but I think Facebook itself is in decline...: Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with US President Donald Trump and members of Congress Thursday, as Facebook faces a raft of regulatory and legal issues concerning competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency. During one-on-one meetings with lawmakers, Zuckerberg reporte

Margrethe Vestager’s second chance

Interesting profile of this powerful lady. She's been trying very hard to rein in Big Tech, but with little effect so far...: Call it the paradox of Margrethe Vestager. Europe’s top competition official has gained a global reputation as Silicon Valley’s tormentor-in-chief, doling out high-profile judgments and multibillion euro fines against some of the biggest brands in the tech industry. And yet, even as the Danish politician prepares to take on an even more powerful

New Banking Regs Increase Cyber-Attack Risk

Looks like fintechs are a going to be a focus for attacks. If you're working with or for one of these startups, it's time to invest in secure development practises and security expertise... A report released today by Trend Micro has found that new European open-banking rules could leave financial services organizations and their customers more susceptible to cyber-attacks. The European Union’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is designed to give users greater con

Infosec prophet Bruce Schneier (peace be upon him) is only as famous as half of Salt-N-Pepa

Many moons ago it was common to check out your own personal reputation ranking but Google personalisation features now make that very difficult to do. Instead, here's a look at which infosec personalities get searched for (no, I don't make the cut ::sniff)...: Despite billing himself as "the world's most famous hacker", Kevin Mitnick isn't the infosec personality your grandma is most interested in learning more about. That honour falls to Robert Herjavec, who is the most

Facebook warns about iPhone privacy change that could unsettle Facebook users

Mobile users will be regularly reminded that they have little or no secrets from Facebook...: Less than two weeks before a likely iOS software update that will give iPhone users regular pop-ups telling them which apps are collecting information location in the background, Facebook has published a blog post about how the Facebook app uses location data. The blog post appears to be a way to get out in front of software changes made by Apple and Google that could unsettle Fa

Facebook Drops Default Facial Recognition Tag Suggestions

Perhaps FB is beginning to understand the public's suspicion of facial recognition?... [...] Facebook is giving users more control over a facial recognition feature used by the company to help identify, or Tag, people on its platform. Starting Tuesday, the company said it would allow its users to opt-out of the Tag Suggestions feature, while at the same time the company is attempting to help users better understand what the feature does. Facebook said it will replace the

Tech Mahindra sees digital businesses growing to 50% of revenue

Interesting to see what the CEO of one of the largest IT businesses thinks about upcoming opportunities in IT-related markets...: [...] How much do you see digital businesses contributing? Digital continues to be our constant focus area, contributing 36% of the total revenue currently. Our aim is to take it all the way up to 50% of the overall revenue. What will be Tech Mahindra’s strategy? Tech Mahindra is bullish on 5G. We are betting on new-age technologies like

Huawei believes banning it from 5G will make countries insecure

Two observations about Huawei: First, notice how many non-Chinese management positions have been created; Second, it's an interesting logical twist to say, in effect, "We're bound to be screwing up security in our 5G rollouts around the world, you won't be able to learn from our mistakes unless you buy our stuff"..: [...] The Chinese giant's recently appointed chief technology and cyber security officer David Soldani said last week that Australia is set for a world of cyber

Imperva discloses security incident impacting cloud firewall users

This is possibly the worst thing to happen to a company that trades on trust. We will all be watching closely to see how/if they recover from this...: Cyber-security and DDoS mitigation firm Imperva disclosed today a security incident that impacts customers of its cloud web application firewall (WAF), formerly known as Incapsula. "On August 20, 2019, we learned from a third party of a data exposure that impacts a subset of customers of our Cloud WAF product who had accoun

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on SEC’s Radar

Full disclosure: I have been involved in a number of blockchain-based startups in the past couple of years so I've seen first-hand the chilling effect of the regulatory interest in ICOs (lately called Initial Security Offerings /ISOs)...: This month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it has entered into a settlement with SimplyVital Health, Inc., a blockchain company that offered and sold approximately $6.3 million worth of securities to the public.