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Symantec Completes Sale of Enterprise Security Assets to Broadcom

This feels a little weird. I've known Symantec as the 'security company' and Broadcom as 'network infrastructure' but now I've got to get my head around Broadcom being a consumer security company. Weird...: MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced the successful completion of the sale of its Enterprise Security Assets to Broadcom for $10.7 billion. “By unlocking value from Enterprise Security, we have established an independent

Trump’s cyber-security adviser wiped his iPhone after 10 failed logins

It can happen to anyone so I'm not sure we should be chastising Giuliani for not having an easy to remember/written down passcode. That's when biometrics come into their own. Problem is that you still need a passcode to enable the fingerprint reader and face scanner...: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, wiped his own iPhone while he was the president’s cybersecurity adviser. The incident occurred in 2017, according to NBC News, and happened after 10 failed attem

Nokia launches cyber-security platform for 5G era

Good to see the core 5G equipment providers beginning to bundle security products in with the infrastructure. How effective this is in the hands of the CSPs remains to be seen...: Nokia launched NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations, a platform that gives communication service providers (CSPs) a highly automated system to meet the demands of 5G network connectivity and to address the rising cyber-security threat posed by internet-connected devices. The platform replaces more

National Cyber Security Centre: ‘Our adversaries innovate – so we must too’

Government has a key role here, to prime the pump for security innovation...: [...] Published in 2016, the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy set out a five-year plan, the ongoing implementation of which is split into three tracks: Defend; Deter; and Develop. Also presenting at the techUK event was Andrew Elliot, deputy director of cyber and digital identity at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. He said that his department is focused on the ‘

Data Breaches Force 10% of Small Company Victims Out of Business

Cyber incidents are an existential threat for small businesses. This US study reinforces the case for preparing for a breach, data loss etc...: Cyberattacks are among the most dangerous threats for small businesses, with 25% of affected organizations filing for bankruptcy and 10% going out of business entirely, according to a new survey. The Zogby Analytics survey, commissioned by the National Cyber Security Alliance, also concluded that 88% of small companies believe the

Caroline Flack this year’s most dangerous celebrity name to search for online

A great bit of marketing, with almost zero value to consumers, from McAfee. Note how many 'celebrities' they can pack into one press release..: Caroline Flack is the most dangerous celebrity name to search for online in the UK, a leading cybersecurity firm has revealed. Anti-virus company McAfee said internet searches for the Love Island host generate results pointing to the riskiest of websites. Each year the firm evaluates which celebrities produce the most results t

Alibaba Group thwarts 300 million hack attempts per day, founder Jack Ma says

Jack Ma makes a succinct case for allowing big data analytics on customer datasets...: [...] “Give my data to a machine,” said Ma. “I trust a machine more than (I) trust people.” “I give my data to people, I worry about that. People say ‘ah, this is Jack Ma, I want to know about him.’ Machine(s) don’t care if you’re Jack Ma or Jack Lee. Machine cares whether you do good things or bad things.” [...]

Cyber security and the evolving role of the CISO

In larger enterprises I see CSO/CISO roles reporting to the COO or CFO, sometimes CEO. Treating security as a subset of 'IT' by having a CISO reporting to CIO doesn't give the correct level of priority...: [...] According to Wipro’s third annual State of Cybersecurity Report (SOCR), participating companies identified reputational damage to the brand (64 percent) and loss of revenue due to services being unavailable at critical times (62 percent) as the two things that woul

Sophos for Sale: Thoma Bravo Offers $3.9B

British based assets look cheap at the moment, largely driven by the historically low value of the Pound. I live not far from Sophos HQ, sad in a way that they are being acquired...: The endpoint security market today saw the start of another acquisition with private equity firm Thoma Bravo offering to acquire Sophos for $7.40 per share, or about $3.9 billion. Sophos' board of directors plans to "unanimously recommend" the offer to its shareholders. Thoma Bravo has more t...

Facebook tried to fight $5B FTC fine, is ready to fight antitrust probes

Looking at this from a business perspective Facebook would be failing its shareholders if they did not contest a $5 billion fine...: Facebook's $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission this summer smashed records: the FTC had never before fined any company such a hefty amount. But even though critics immediately lambasted the deal as a comparative slap on the wrist for Facebook, which earned about $56 billion in revenue in 2018, newly released documents sh...