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The case for betting pensions on start-ups

In the US, through the 401k, there's a habit of direct investment for pension provision. In the UK most of our pensions are held by huge pension funds who are risk-averse...: [...] “The pension funds quite evidently have large amounts of capital,” said Stephen Welton, chief executive of BGF, which invests in small companies. “We need to make a compelling case that part of their asset allocation should be to support growth companies. It won’t take much to make a profound diff

Gladius: Cybersecurity ICO Self-Reports Itself to SEC & Will Repay Investors

The initial coin offering (ICO) method of raising cash has gone off the boil since regulators took an interest. Now we're seeing ICOs attempting to retro-comply with regulation...: On February 20th, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the top securities watchdog in America, announced that cybersecurity play Gladius Network had self-reported its 2017 token sale as an unregistered security offering and the startup would be taking remedial steps to right it...

Micro Focus acquires cybersecurity startup Interset

Micro Focus has built an interesting portfolio of companies...: Micro Focus has purchased Interset to unlock machine learning and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities to aid with threat detection analysis. The software giant said its acquisition of cybersecurity startup Interset will help drive deeper data insights and help customers quickly and accurately validate and assess risk. Interset provides security analytics software that's focused ...

Resist the robot takeover

This is mildly scary stuff. Would you entrust your private email to a robot?...: Artificial intelligence is coming to your inbox. A Finnish company has rolled out a new product that lets potential employers scan the private emails of job applicants to determine whether or not they would be a good fit for the organization. The company, Digital Minds, portrays its offering as something innocuous. If applicants give their consent, what’s the harm? The truth is: We don’t k

Twitter follow bots cut off from API, as accounts disabled for spreading misinformation from Iran and elsewhere

I get two things from this news. First: police the use of your APIs, they are often the soft underbelly of your applications; second: watch out for large numbers of follow/unfollow actions on twitter. I've stopped automatically following-back on my twitter accounts...: ManageFlitter, Statusbrew, and Crowdfire have had their access to the Twitter API revoked for allegedly helping users abuse the service, aggressively and repeatedly following and unfollowing large numbers of o

AXA XL increases usage of risk modelling tool

No single organisation is able to define and keep on top of best practise. Threat and Risk Modelling as a Service (TRiMaaS?) has become a thing at multiple levels. For business cyber risk there are platforms like the one adopted by AXA XL (below). For developers there are platforms like ThreatModeler ...: Following the successful adoption of Guidewire Cyence Risk Analytics (Cyence) by AXA XL’s cyber insurance business in North America, the major insurer is now rolling out th

IDF teaches combat soldiers cyber skills as springboard to civilian life

I work with ex-IDF cyber specialists and have always been impressed at how much care the country takes of its soldiers with special programs to help them startup new businesses (which is why so many cybersecurity businesses have R&D in Tel Aviv). Now they're equipping the non-specialists with cyber skills as well...: At the end of last year, some 30 combat soldiers in the Israeli army took part in a very different activity from those they’d been tasked with on the field.

Report: 38% CAGR for Quantum Cryptography

If you're looking for investment opportunities, and can spot the snake-oil of 'Quantum-washing' (remember Cloud-washing when everyone rebranded their offer as 'Cloud'?) the this looks like a good market to get into. An associated opportunity is in so-called 'quantum safe cryptography' which is the fightback against the ability of quantum computers to crack today's cryptographic systems...: The research firm Markets and Markets, in a January 2019 report, projects that the siz

One of Crypto’s Biggest Security Problems May Have Finally Been Solved

Crypto's single biggest security concern is the propensity for the exchanges to get hacked and users' currency holding to be syphoned off. My advice is to only keep funds needed for trading in an exchange and 'hodl' your main investments offline. Ledger have made that easier with this announcement...: Cryptocurrency took a big step forward Sunday, as wallet manufacturer Ledger announced the launch of the Nano X with Bluetooth support for connecting to a smartphone. The dev...

First Federal Ruling Against SEC on Whether Digital Token is a Security

The fashion for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), or as rebranded 'Security tokens', has waned largely because of regulatory pressure. Despite this ruling, it seems the pressure is still there...: [...] So what are the key takeaways here? The competing factual narratives suggest this to be a narrow ruling. It must be kept in mind that this order comes without the benefit of full discovery; it’s basically “he said/she said”.  And without full discovery to address disputed issues