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Estonia takes on a major role in cyber diplomacy with a new department for international cooperation

You may know that Estonia has a 'digital first' approach to government services. That means that they've got wide experience of the issues surrounding international relationships and would like to help others profit from that experience. (Disclosure: I'm an e-citizen of Estonia)...: [...] The news is that now, with the creation of the Department for Cyber Diplomacy, we can more actively improve international cooperation on the matter. Headed by Ambassador-at-Large for Cyber

Enabling access, erasure, and rectification rights in AI systems

Developing/using AI? Read what the UK regulator advises...: [...] Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) individuals have a number of rights relating to their personal data. These rights apply to personal data used at the various points in the development and deployment lifecycle of an AI system, including personal data: contained in the training data; used to make a prediction during deployment; or that might be contained in the model itself. ...

Google Sued Under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act

Collecting biometric information (or using Google, Facebook etc that do it for you)? I expect to see legislation like BIPA rolled out (not in China obvs) so make sure you're not going to fall foul...: Another day, another suit against a brand name for allegations of violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Plaintiffs’ attorneys are having a field day filing class action lawsuits based on BIPA. Late last week, Google was sued in Cook County, Illi

Ethics Rules for Using Social Media in Legal Matters

The same rules apply to employers e.g. don't force your employees to 'friend' you...: Social media is increasingly important in eDiscovery, employment investigations and jury research. Using social media in legal and HR matters raises significant ethical issues. Lawyers and other legal professionals should keep these five ethics rules in mind. 1. Familiarity with relevant social media is part of legal competence. Competence is ethics rule number one – literally. ABA Mo

The notification dilemma – what can you tell the public when you don’t yet know the extent of a data security incident?

Useful tips about tuning your disclosure messages...: In June, BCLP hosted a high profile data breach seminar, in which industry specialists, the ICO’s Head of Investigations, a former convicted hacker and BCLP’s data breach team came together to conduct a mock data breach exercise and discuss issues that arise when firms are hit by a data breach in the current enforcement climate. During the seminar we asked our audience, made up of Execs, CISOs, DPOs, lawyers and other

“Bulletproof” dark web data centre seized by German police

Thats one more set of scumbags removed from circulation...: German authorities scuppered a pervasive dark web operation on Friday, saying it was being run out of a former NATO bunker. Seven individuals have been arrested on the suspicion of being associated with organised crime and as accessories to hundreds of thousands of crimes through their hosted dark web platforms such as the Wall Street Market and Cannabis Road. The outfit is believed to be spearheaded by a 59-y