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Statement in response to trial of NHS Test and Trace app

Note the “properly decommissioned” at the end of this statement…:

“We recognise the importance of contact tracing to the UK’s ongoing fight against COVID-19 and welcome work to develop an effective app in England to support this.

“For the public to participate, and for the app to be successful, they need to have trust and confidence to hand over their data. Providing a high level of transparency and putting data protection at the heart of an app or service should help build people’s trust in the systems involved.

“Open engagement with the Department for Health and Social Care from the outset has enabled us to advise on protecting people’s personal data during the development phase of the app.

“We will continue to offer that guidance during the life of the app as it is further developed, rolled out more widely and when it is no longer needed. This includes an audit of the app and ensuring that it is properly decommissioned.”


Original article here

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