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Is Your Current Cyber Security Strategy Enough?

I’d add cyber deception into this mix as an additional method of detecting and mitigating attacks on industrial control systems…:

[…] Despite your efforts, there may come a time when your company is the victim of an actual cyberattack. If that happens, you want to be in a position to detect the threat as quickly as possible and respond in an effective manner. If you’re not sure of your company’s ability to quickly detect a threat, consider partnering with a company that can provide:

  • Initial baseline of network traffic and data flows
  • Real-time alerting on deviations
  • Deep packet inspection for industrial protocols
  • Multi-site visibility
  • Functionality that is complimentary to IT tools
  • Incident response planning
  • Remote access session management and administration
  • Remote support services

Recognizing that an attack has been made is key to addressing it quickly and minimizing its impact.


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Peter Glock
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