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Israel: Data Protection & Privacy Laws

Interesting take on the impact of privacy laws on countries like Israel…:

RAVIA: Media and industry coverage of two pieces of legislation that took effect in May 2018 have raised awareness of data protection issues among Israeli companies. The first, the Protection of Privacy Regulations (Data Security), set out detailed and prescriptive information security requirements for all companies processing personal data. Although the Israeli privacy regulator is currently experiencing organisational instability, the effect of the new regulations has not subsided. The second piece of legislation is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the extraterritorial reach of which affects many Israeli companies. Awareness within companies was further reinforced recently with the Israeli government laying down a proposal for a Cyber Defence and National Cyber Directorate Bill, which aims to establish a national body whose objective is to safeguard against cyber threats. Furthermore, the looming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), with its extraterritorial effect, is also elevating awareness of data protection.


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