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Escaping Email: Unlocking Message Security for SMS, WhatsApp

Some good points here about threats inherent in moving from email to messaging apps. Because I work with a variety of organisations I have to use (in no particular order): Slack, Teams, iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and good old SMS to communicate. They all carry a degree of risk…:

[…] Acceptto CEO Shahrokh Shahidzadeh points out some basic considerations that cybersecurity professionals should keep in mind when evaluating messaging services and formulating security policies around them.

“First, it is best to pick apps that offer end-to-end encryption, including the encryption of metadata,” he says.

End-to-end encryption is one of the factors many users cite when asked why they choose a messaging service like WhatsApp. And while that encryption is critical, it’s not the only consideration, especially when an employee seeks to use one of these public messaging services to communicate with customers or partners.

“Knowing what data exactly is captured from your device is a key factor. Apps that harvest the contact list or store any metadata associated with communication are problematic,” Shahidzadeh explains.


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