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Tech Mahindra sees digital businesses growing to 50% of revenue

Interesting to see what the CEO of one of the largest IT businesses thinks about upcoming opportunities in IT-related markets…:

[…] How much do you see digital businesses contributing?

Digital continues to be our constant focus area, contributing 36% of the total revenue currently. Our aim is to take it all the way up to 50% of the overall revenue.

What will be Tech Mahindra’s strategy?

Tech Mahindra is bullish on 5G. We are betting on new-age technologies like engineering services, cyber security, blockchain and on process-as-a-service. So far as 5G is concerned, it’s just a question of time. 5G is ultimately a 2020 play — 2019 will be more of a warm-up and that’s why the 5G labs we have set up with our partner network and on our own will play a critical part in our readiness to offer 5G solutions and services as demand ramps up.


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