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Why risk management is vital for digital transformation

This from an interview with Sam Olyaei, senior principal analyst, Gartner. Do you have a threat model for your digital transformation program? I don’t just mean the technology platform, but all the business risks associated with taking your business digital. If you were operating an oil platform, your risk management would cover all aspects of the operation. It should be the same for your digital platform…:

[…] As organisations embrace digital technologies, they become exposed to all kinds of risks inherent to the endeavour.

Hence, we are seeing people’s perspective on risk is broadening. In the past, we used to view various risks in silos – technology risk, compliance risk, audit risk and operational risk. Today, we’re seeing a desire on the part of business leaders to take a more holistic approach to risk management. The idea is to clearly and defensively connect the risk elements to business challenges and do so in a practical way.


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