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Why Cloud Computing Cyber Security Risks Are On The Rise: Report

This article in Forbes makes the case that Cloud <>Secure. Making it very easy to deploy multiple instances of a container means that one misconfiguration or vulnerability is rapidly replicated, and may take aeons to clear up…:

[…] Containers are the future of cloud computing, replacing in many cases the more traditional VMs architecture that is currently the foundation of most, if not all, enterprise cloud offerings.

With containers, software developers can “package” their application along with anything it needs to run (code, libraries, runtime, content…), making it easier and faster for enterprise users to deploy, with little configuration needed, and run.

However, with container vulnerabilities on the rise, it’s vital that enterprise IT teams, from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) down, to implement management tools to automate the security of these containers or face massive security breaches in record time.


Original article here

Peter Glock
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