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Microsoft’s new OneDrive Personal Vault ups your cloud storage security

I’m cautiously welcoming this. Generally, it’s a good idea to keep important stuff in a secure location. For example, keep your important physical documents and valuables in a small fire safe at home. But it also becomes a magnet for criminals. Why bother searching through a hard drive when the victim has conveniently put all the important stuff in one place? I do hope people don’t opt for SMS-based authentication which is relatively easy to compromise …:

It seems when one box closes, another box opens. Microsoft announced Tuesday it will add a new feature to its OneDrive cloud storage service called Personal Vault, which provides a secure solution for your most sensitive and important data. This new service may fill a vacuum left by Dropbox’s recent transition from its original online data storage model to a central collaboration hub.

Your Personal Vault.


Personal Vault is essentially a partitioned sector of your OneDrive account that requires a strong password or two-factor authentication for entry. This could be face or fingerprint scan, a PIN or code sent via SMS, or via the Microsoft Authenticator app. (The basic OneDrive account just needs a single password to sign in, although users can opt for two-factor authentication.)


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