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Why open sourcerors might want to ditch Android for iOS

Privacy is the new marketing kool aid…:


As bad as Apple’s iPhone has been with user privacy, Google’s Android has been worse. While the company recently trotted out some improvements, the harsh reality is that it is not in Google’s interest to secure privacy—at least, not private data that it can otherwise use to push ads.

Small wonder, then, that recent academic research from Vanderbilt professor Douglas Schmidt found that Android phones pull roughly 10x more user data than iPhones. Focusing just on their respective browser apps, Schmidt found that Chrome on Android sends roughly 50x more data to Google than Safari on iPhone. He concludes:

[Google is] able to collect user data through a variety of techniques that may not be easily graspable by a general user. A major part of Google’s data collection occurs while a user is not directly engaged with any of its products. The magnitude of such collection is significant, especially on Android mobile devices.


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