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UK Autodrive findings released

Behind the Tesla/Waymo hype, here’s the state of driverless cars in the UK…:

In December 2014 UK Autodrive was named as the largest of three successful consortia to be selected in response to Innovate UK’s ‘Introducing driverless cars to UK roads’ competition. In late 2018 the project successfully concluded, with the world’s first multi-modal journey featuring connected and autonomous road- and pavement-based vehicles.

The findings of this project have been published in a Final Report which is available to download for those interested in this project and how industry is looking to address future mobility challenges.


In terms of connected (V2V/X) technologies, during the project partners tested, developed and refined seven connected car features to the point that they could be successfully showcased in the two host cities of Milton Keynes and Coventry as part of the project’s final demonstrations in October 2018.

The Emergency Vehicle Warning and Collaborative Parking features were judged to have worked particularly effectively, and could be seen as offering real-world benefits in the near future once sufficiently developed for use in production vehicles. The Electronic Emergency Brake Light feature was also considered as having strong potential to reduce road accidents.

In addition to leading the way in developing and showcasing the autonomous and connected technologies, UK Autodrive investigated other important aspects of automated driving – including safety and cyber-security, legal and insurance issues, public acceptance and customer interaction, and the potential business models for turning autonomous driving systems into a widespread reality.


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