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Most security pros have considered quitting due to a lack of resources

There’s a very good reason that we talk about “People, Process, and Technology” in that order. If you can’t find, recruit, and retain skilled people your projects will fail…:

Companies are suffering from a lack of resources, both in terms of people and technology (79 percent), and 72 percent have considered leaving their jobs for this reason, Censornet research reveals.

Security professionals believe their jobs and the overall security of their organizations would benefit from an autonomous security solution that could automatically react to and prevent attacks.

More technology is harming cybersecurity

The survey found that security professionals are not being helped by their security solutions. Sixty-five percent want more technology but the average number of security products used is already 33 and 57 percent reported they are suffering from alert overload.

What’s more, ineffective cybersecurity technology was the joint second threat facing organizations, alongside unexpected/new cybersecurity threats such as new ransomware (both 47 percent). It was only beaten by cybersecurity staff shortages (50 percent). This makes bad technology a higher concern than human error (40 percent) and insufficient budget (41 percent).


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