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Wipro Confirms Hack and Supply Chain Attacks on Customers

More on the Wipro breach…:

[…] “Wipro should immediately let customers know whether they were using message encryption internally to protect customer emails,” said Mark Bower, chief revenue officer and North America general manager at Egress Software Technologies, via email. “Encrypting email messages at rest prevents the hackers from accessing sensitive data that can be weaponized to launch attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks.”

He added, “Furthermore, every Wipro customer should be hyper-aware of the potential of such attacks coming from this previously trusted domain. Employees should be on red alert for any email from this domain until such time as Wipro demonstrates that its email system is rearchitected. Phishing attacks are used time and again because of how effective they are in taking advantage of human weakness. Their effectiveness is amplified exponentially when the phishing attacks come from what is believed to be a trusted partner.”


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