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How Blackberry Has Become a Cyber-Security Player

If, like me, you still have affection for your BlackBerry with a real keyboard, it takes a while to realise that the company have transformed itself…:

[…] Among the new assets in the BlackBerry security portfolio is Cylance, which BlackBerry acquired in a $1.4 billion deal announced in November 2018. Cylance is, however, only one of many cyber-security technologies within BlackBerry. In a video interview with eWEEK, BlackBerry CTO Charles Eagan explains what his company is now doing in cyber-security as it transitions away from its mobile device past.

“We probably have 50 different elements in our security portfolio,” Eagan told eWEEK.

Among the cyber-security technologies in the BlackBerry portfolio is mobile device management (MDM) capabilities gained via the acquisition of Good Technology for $425 million in 2015.

“Good gives us a dynamic container to create a secure environment in otherwise insecure devices,” Eagan said.

QNX Technologies, which BlackBerry acquired in 2010 for $200 million, provides a secure embedded operating system that is widely used in the automotive industry and general engineering. Certicom is another core cyber-security asset in the BlackBerry portfolio, providing cryptographic and hardware key provisioning capabilities. BlackBerry acquired Certicom in 2009 for $106 million.


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