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Cyber crooks feared to have stolen personal details of 120000 cops

Red Top reporting on this years’ ironic hack…:

EXTORTIONISTS are feared to have stolen the personal details of 120,000 cops in a malware attack on a computer system.

The Police Federation staff association was targeted earlier this month.

The crooks deleted databases with members’ names and ranks, email addresses and national insurance numbers. Bank details were also hit, along with confidential information on officers involved in complaints.

Credit card details of guests who have used the Fed’s conference and hotel facilities at its headquarters in Leatherhead, Surrey, were in the files.

The attack is thought to be part of a larger campaign to extort ­cryptocurrency from victims by threatening further damage.

The Police Federation, which represents 120,000 officers from the rank of chief inspector and below in England and Wales, has called in the National Crime Agency to investigate.

Original article here

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