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Cybersecurity Science Project or Immediate Value: Which Do You Prefer?

I’ve had personal experience of security projects that drag on for years. Maybe we could learn from the ‘fail-fast’ approach used in the most dynamic tech companies?…:

A C-suite IT executive recently told us about a nightmare cybersecurity implementation: after extensive network surgery and a seven-figure investment, the platform still wasn’t stood up three years later. This type of story is all too common, and among the many consequences, organizations can find themselves unprotected from common attacks (particularly credential compromise and stealthy admins) despite spending millions on point solutions. In a competitive infosecurity market, vendors are promising the world, yet project implementations can be plagued by delays and uncertainty, and sunk costs can mean security and IT teams’ hands are tied.

Let’s take a look at what security professionals can do in a confusing cybersecurity landscape to achieve optimal results, from vendor selection to implementation.


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Peter Glock
Over 30 years of designing, building and managing telecoms and IT services. Primarily working with large enterprise and professional services businesses in Asia, North America, continental Europe and the UK. Information security professional, secret physics nerd.

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