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Europe hopes to fend off election hackers with ‘cyber sanctions’

It’s a start, but I question the deterrent effect…:

[…] The measures would not only allow EU countries to slap sanctions on hacker groups that succeed in intruding into IT systems, but also those attempting to get in, like the suspected Russian intelligence officers who allegedly plotted but failed to hack into the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons last year, the officials said.

Once operational, the EU measures would target individual hackers as well as state-linked groups with commercial bans and financial restrictions, like freezing assets. It would allow the EU to finally flex its economic muscle against a rising threat of foreign cybersecurity attacks.

Diplomats still face two key questions before they finalize the regime: How severe a hack needs to be to merit sanctions, and how to actually nail down perpetrators of attacks.


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