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Cybersecurity must focus on deploying emerging technologies

I’m going to disagree with the esteemed chap from Unisys (below). What the vast majority of organisations should do is get the basics of risk identification and risk management in place before any attempt to deploy new technology. When an organisation has an appropriate set of controls, then, and only then, should they look at implementing technology.

The other major point is that most of the innovation in cybersecurity aimed at combating new and emerging threats comes out of small startups, not from the big guys. So look to trusted partners that integrate innovative technologies rather than the big guys that have monolithic security portfolios…:

Today’s Decisions on Cybersecurity Must Focus on Deploying Emerging Technologies in Ways that Will Benefit Society in the Future, Unisys Chief Trust Officer to Tell Futurists in Davos

Tom Patterson to present at the Cyber Future Dialogue event, highlight the critical decisions needed for security, privacy and trust for future generations

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, 22 January 2019 – The world is at a “technology crossroads” where society needs to move beyond trusting emerging technologies and focus on deploying them in ways that benefit society, Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) Chief Trust Officer Tom Patterson will tell futurists this week in Davos.

“During the World Economic Forum in 2018, there was a seminal panel titled ‘In Technology We Trust’ that posited that the movement to trust technology for our global security is the most pivotal and important discussion of all. While still true today, we need to get beyond the discussion of any inherent trust in specific technology and focus on how it will actually be used to benefit global society, said Patterson. “Technologies like 5G, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and biometrics are individually disruptive, but collectively they will completely rewrite the global trust models – for better or worse. Our levels of security and privacy in the years ahead will be dominated by the decisions we make today.”

Patterson will both present his views on this technology crossroads and participate in an expert panel of cybersecurity futurists from Barclays, Intuit, Palo Alto Networks, SAP and SINET at the Cyber Future Dialogue 2019 event, to be held on January 22 at Davos-Klosters in Switzerland. Among the topics in Patterson’s presentation will be the importance of citizens playing a role in deciding how emerging technologies will apply to their lives in protecting and providing critical infrastructure across governments, transportation, energy, finance, defense and healthcare.


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