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Another Look at Virtual Integrity

If you don’t mind a bit of self-aggrandisement, this article is worth a read as it prompts thoughts about how the virtual world affects your integrity. To thine own self be (virtually) true…:

[…] I coined a new term “integrity theft” (that never took off), which I defined as tempting people to do wrong or go places online that violated their core values and beliefs.

What is ‘integrity theft?’

Everyone is aware of the dangers associated with identity theft. Integrity theft is similar. But rather than your money or personal information being at risk from unseen hackers, it is your reputation, your career, or your important relationships that are threatened by online temptations and virtual actions. As we surf the Internet, we are offered intriguing images, videos, and other content that vie for our thoughts, dreams, time, and money. We are enticed to act against our professed values and beliefs. While identity theft and integrity theft are both tragic, it is easier to repair your credit history than your reputation.


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Peter Glock
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