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Worried about Gmail snooping? Here’s Google’s advice on keeping your account secure

It’s good practise to review what permissions you’ve signed away. Look at the link at the end of this extract…:

Google has posted a defense of Gmail’s privacy protections after a Wall Street Journal report found the service was allowing third-party companies to read personal emails.

The WSJ reported that employees at firms offering personalized services, such as shopping and travel suggestions, are accessing and reading Gmail users’ messages.

While not referencing the story directly, Google Cloud’s director of security, trust and privacy, Suzanne Frey, published a post in the wake of the report, in which she outlined Gmail’s privacy protections.

“We continuously work to vet developers and their apps that integrate with Gmail before we open them for general access, and we give both enterprise admins and individual consumers transparency and control over how their data is used,” she wrote.

Before a third-party app can access Gmail messages, Frey says the software is submitted to “a multi-step review process that includes automated and manual review of the developer, assessment of the app’s privacy policy and homepage to ensure it is a legitimate app, and in-app testing to ensure the app works as it says it does”.

A key part of this review is ensuring that apps only collect data they need and don’t misrepresent how they are using this data, according to Frey.

How to keep your Gmail secure

Third-party apps need to have been given explicit permission by the user before those apps can access personal data, Frey said, adding that these permissions can be revoked using the Security Checkup page in the user’s Google account.

Those concerned about third-party access to their Gmail account can also visit and select the Apps with account access page, from which they can revoke any previously-granted permissions.


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