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The Blockchain Security Debate

Worth watching the video for a background in blockchain security…:

Recently, a massive wave of articles has been discussing the question whether Bitcoin was using too much electricity to be sustainable. Since Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work does use a great amount of power, questions arise if it is still the best and safest solution to secure a blockchain network? This article searches for the answer from a security-based viewpoint. Crypto-security goes further than simply protecting a network from 51% attacks, and this panel discussion that happened on the 29th of May at Blockshow Europe in Berlin discusses some of its aspects.

Speakers on the panel are Paul PueyMikhail SavchenkoArianna SimpsonRodrigo RussellSebastian Gajek, and Alejandro De La Torre. All of them are involved with cybersecurity in different ways, some are mining pool operators, others are solving security issues using their applications. The general talk is about wallets, people, smart contracts, mining, mobile, and security in general, and they inspired us to write about the topic and explore these algorithms.[…]

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