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Social Media Privacy Dominates Apple iOS 12, macOS Launches

Apple are aiming for a clear differentiation from Google and Facebook…:

Social media privacy is top of mind for Apple on the heels of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy. On Monday, Apple released the latest versions of its desktop and mobile operating systems at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which addresses a bevy of security and privacy concerns tied to wide-range of social media platforms.

Both Apple’s new operating systems, iOS 12 for mobile and macOS Mojave for desktop, include features aimed at increasing transparency around the data flowing from users’ apps and browsers, including those on social media.

In macOS Mojave and iOS 12,  the phone company lifted the curtain on an enhanced feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention to help block certain controls from tracking Mac users without permission on Safari. During the WWDC presentation, Apple demonstrated the feature blocking Facebook controls.


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