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Happy GDPR Day?

Even though the regulation has been in force for 2 years, today marks the day when enforcement action starts. I guess, like me, most people are fed up with the number of ‘please opt-in’ emails that are being sent out and others wailing about ‘having to delete my marketing database’.

My response to those opt-in emails is to delete them. If I’m on a marketing database for any reason other than I gave my willing consent then I don’t want to be contacted. If you’re emailing people that have already given consent then you’re annoying them, not ‘complying with GDPR’.

As usual there’s a lot of misinformation flying around. If you want to know more about GDPR start by reading the regulator’s advice here. After all, they are the ones that will be coming after you.

Happy GDPR-ing!.

Peter Glock
Over 30 years of designing, building and managing telecoms and IT services. Primarily working with large enterprise and professional services businesses in Asia, North America, continental Europe and the UK. Information security professional, secret physics nerd.

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