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Warning as Mac malware exploits climb 270%

I use MacOS and iOS. Bad stuff has happened to me, despite my best efforts. If you’re an Apple user, be careful out there…:

Reputable anti-malware security vendor Malwarebytes is warning Mac users that malware attacks against the platform climbed 270 percent last year.

Be careful out there

The security experts also warn that four new malware exploits targeting Macs have been identified in the first two months of 2018, noting that many of these exploits were identified by users, rather than security firms.

In one instance, a Mac user discovered that their DNS settings had been changed and found themselves unable to change them back.

This particular item of malware (OSX.MaMi) also installed a trusted root certificate on the person’s Mac. The threat left the user vulnerable to fraudulent phishing websites posing as the real deal and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The researchers also identified a new Java-based exploit targeting Macs that is based on malicious code likely developed for nefarious purposes by a nation state. Another attack included deployment of malicious links on a popular software downloads website.

Malwarebytes warns that such attacks are on the increase, adding that while Mac users are using secure platforms, they should not consider macOS to be “bulletproof.”

Ignorance is opportunity for cyber attackers

There is a wide perception that Apple’s platforms are invulnerable to such attacks, but it’s a misplaced belief.

It is, of course, true that Macs (and iOS devices) are far more secure than other platforms, but this does not make them invulnerable.

The perception that Apple’s platforms are more secure must be tempered with caution — particularly as its platforms enter the enterprise.

“Apple’s macOS includes some good security features that are helpful, but they are easily bypassed by new malware, and they don’t address the adware and PUP problem at all,” Malwarebytes warns.

Attacks can be complex.


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