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IoT security & privacy standard

Over at the NoticeBored blog, a useful visualisation of the risks associated with IoT. Note the risks in the ‘RedZone’…:

I’ve just added another new page to for ISO/IEC 27030, a standard now being developed for IoT security and privacy.

I’ve been arguing for years that it would be appropriate, since they specify a risk-based approach to security management, for the ISO27k standards to specify the information risks they address. To that end, I’ve published a PIG (Probability Impact Graph) graphic from the NoticeBored security awareness module on IoT and BYOD, to set the ball rolling …

There seems little chance of persuading ISO/IEC to incorporate such a colorful image in the standard, unfortunately, but hopefully the analytical approach will at least prove useful for the project team busily drafting the new standard.

On the web page I’ve described the red and amber zone IoT risks. I’m sure we could have an excellent discussion about those and other risks in the committee, except there is never enough time at the twice-yearly SC27 meetings to get far into the nitty-gritty of stuff like this. Instead I’ll see whether I can raise any interest on the ISO27k Forum, perhaps feeding relevant content and creative suggestions to SC27 via formal comments submitted by NZ Standards – the tedious, antiquated, laborious, slow and expensive approach that we are presently lumbered with. It hardly seems worth the effort.

Original article here

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