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Huawei: National security concerns not a blank cheque for public policy decisions

I’d expect to see Kaspersky taking part in this debate…:

While national security concerns are important for governments globally, Huawei has argued that they cannot be used as “talismanic” exceptions for all public policy decisions.

Speaking to the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth on Friday afternoon, Huawei Technologies VP of Global Government Affairs Simon Lacey said that governments are becoming more aware of both the benefits and risks of a connected world.

“National security is important, but cannot be used to justify every policy intervention — so we must remain vigilant, but on the other hand we cannot live in a state of constant fear looking over our shoulders,” Lacey told the inquiry into the trade system and the digital economy.

“When acting to protect national security, we must ensure this is not used as a blank cheque to justify or disguise protectionism.”

According to Lacey, Huawei’s submission to the inquiry was its recent whitepaper, Trade Rules and the Digital Economy.

“Governments are legitimately starting to take a broader and deeper view of what constitutes critical national infrastructure and are becoming increasingly vigilant against potential cybersecurity threats,” the paper says.

“This is a very sensitive topic, and we also recognise that it must be treated as such. Equally, it should be subject to disciples which are agreed and reviewable.”


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