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PolySwarm – A Decentralized Cyber Threat Intelligence Market Enabled and Enhanced by the …

I suppose it was inevitable, combining blockchain and cyber threat intelligence to create a market in intelligence. Irrespective of the merits of the PolySwarm platform itself, this is a fascinating idea…:


The PolySwarm platform and marketplace set up a bid/ask market that allows security experts to be rewarded for their expertise.

In this model, an “Ambassador” – a person who has a security concern or question, posts a “bounty” in the PolySwarm market for a particular problem they need solving – namely the identification of the digital object as a threat or benign. This can be posted with either a fixed listing fee or a fee proportional to the task at hand.

polyswarm lifecycle

Experts study the problem and either assert that the item is a threat or not. System arbitrators then decide between experts who assert what they believe to also be the so-called “ground truth” – namely whether the object is malware or dangerous or not. The experts who decided on the same perspective as system arbitrators split the bounty set for this task.

The PolySwarm market runs on Nectar, a token that makes it easy to submit and classify potential threats on the PolySwarm market. Nectar replaces traditional license fees for anti-virus and threat-scanning subscription payments.


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