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Just give up: 123456 is still the world’s most popular password

Two things you should do to avoid being one of those that the security researchers laugh at. 1. Use a password manager and generate unique, strong passwords for each login; 2. Move to two-factor/two step wherever possible:

The security industry’s ongoing efforts to educate users about strong passwords appears to be for naught, with a new study finding the most popular passwords last year were 123456 and 123456789.

Keeper Security wonks perused breached data dumps for the most popular passwords when they made the despondent discovery.

Some 1.7 million accounts used the password “123456”, or 17 per cent of the 10 million hacked accounts the firm studied.

If security educators and evangelists, currently stewing over how to bury entropy and serve users bite-sized security password snacks are tempted to down tools and go home, Keeper Security researchers will not try and stop them.

“Looking at the list of 2016’s most common passwords, we couldn’t stop shaking our heads,” the researchers say.


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