Russian National Vulnerability Database Operation Raises Suspicions

Here's a question: would you let Russia, China, or any state examine your technology in detail just to gain access to their market?..: Recorded Future says Russia's Federal Service for Technical and Export Control has ability to find, weaponize vulnerabilities under cover of doi

Putin’s attack on the US is new Pearl Harbor

Want some strategic insight on what warfare looks like in the 21st Century?...: On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise conventional attack against the U.S. Pacific Fleet moored at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese operation was part of a larger strategy: cr


Happy GDPR Day?

Even though the regulation has been in force for 2 years, today marks the day when enforcement action starts. I guess, like me, most people are fed up with the number of 'please opt-in' emails that are being sent out and others wailing about 'having to delete my marketing databas...


Containers or virtual machines: ​Which is more secure? The answer will surprise you

Interesting stuff. What the article doesn't mention is the relative sysadmin overhead of keeping multiple VMs up to date versus updating the platform that multiple containers are running on. Because of this one thing, my money is on containers being a better long term bet for ope...

The Blockchain Security Debate

Worth watching the video for a background in blockchain security...: Recently, a massive wave of articles has been discussing the question whether Bitcoin was using too much electricity to be sustainable. Since Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work does use a great amount of power, questions