Micro Focus acquires cybersecurity startup Interset

Micro Focus has built an interesting portfolio of companies...: Micro Focus has purchased Interset to unlock machine learning and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities to aid with threat detection analysis. The software giant said its acquisition ...

Stop saying, “We take your privacy and security seriously”

One of my pet hates is the insincere filler found in company statements, often inserted by lawyers to give some modicum of protection against imagined lawsuits. If anyone writing such statements is reading this, I'd rather you saved money on lawyers and put it into mitigating ris...


Huawei risk can be managed, say UK cyber-security chiefs

Decades ago I designed and implemented telecoms networks. This was back in the days of modems, frequency division modulation, and analogue transmission but we managed to use the (by today's standards) crude elements to design banking and other critical infrastructure. One key con...


Gemalto reports increase in blockchain use for securing the Internet of Things

With all the doom and gloom around Bitcoin and Ethereum price and security issues it's easy to overlook the impact that the underlying blockchain technology is having in other areas...: The use of blockchain-based technology to help secure Internet of Things (IoT) data, devices,

QuintessenceLabs Supports Quantum Alliance Initiative’s Recommendations for Quantum …

This is an important milestone in getting us to an era of quantum-safe encryption...: CANBERRA, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Australia-based cybersecurity firm QuintessenceLabs joined other security companies in developing and supporting the first recommendations for global quant