Kaspersky Lab Saga Grows Weirder as Critics of the Security Firm Say Bumbling Spy Tried to …

This gets almost as bizarre as Russian tourists' interest in cathedral spires...: A man who goes by the name Lucas Lambert reportedly spent months setting up meetings with three cybersecurity experts under false pretenses last ...

The Economic Side Of Cyber Security Risk Management

Good point. Talk about money and the board listens...: [...] So Rettas asked, “What do you think executives and boards want to know about cyber risk when they talk to the CISOs of these organizations?” According to Vescio, it boils down to two components: They’d like to


The end of ‘Detect and Protect’ cybersecurity measures

Not exactly "the end of" more "can't be totally reliant on". My view is that you need a range of measures, starting with an understanding of the threats your business is facing, through establishing and refreshing appropriate security controls (like CTR, detailed below), and bein...


Privacy & Regulatory Considerations in Enterprise Blockchain

I've been an advisor for a few blockchain-based startups. My first question is usually "Does it really need to be on a blockchain?" followed by "What information will be on the chain vs. what do you hold off-chain?". This article details why you need to think about privacy and re...

Can Internet-of-Body Thwart Cyber Attacks on Implanted Medical Devices?

An alternative approach for communicating with medical devices?...: [...] No known attack on a life-supporting medical device has actually occurred, makers of such machines often point out. And encrypting the signals on these devices should provide reasonable protection. But Sen