Australians made over 19K privacy principle enquiries in 2017-18

Imagine if your business had to investigate 19,000 times and produce all the data you hold on an individual, suitably redacted. This would cripple most businesses...: The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) responded to a total of 19,407 privacy enquiries in

New Security Woes for Popular IoT Protocols

Not really 'secure by design'....: Researchers at Black Hat Europe will detail denial-of-service and other flaws in MQTT, CoAP machine-to-machine communications protocols that imperil industrial and other IoT networks online. Security researcher Federico Maggi had been collecti


​We’re killing off passwords. But are we ready for what will replace them?

A good question from ZDNet. Back in 2001 (yes, I'm that old) I developed and launch a two-factor authentication and authorisation service based on RSA SecurID, tech that's still going strong. However, the 2nd factor being 'something you have' (in this case a hardware of software ...


​Facial recognition tech allows passengers to clear airport security in Shanghai

China is going all-in on facial recognition. In the UK, I have to scan my passport for the system to use facial recognition. China has gone full Minority Report, with all the privacy issue that implies...: Passengers checking into flights at Shanghai's Hongqiao International Air

As End of Life Nears, More Than Half of Websites Still Use PHP V5

I support a few sites that use old, but still supported, software that won't run on php 7.2 so I have some sympathy for those that haven't upgraded. Time to roll my sleeves up...: Support for PHP 5.6 drops on December 31 – but a recent report found that almost 62 p...