Hold the date…October 3rd, 15.00 BST (UK)/16.00 CEST (Europe)

We'll be announcing a special ThreatModeler webinar on building threat models for cloud services. This session will focus on AWS; we'll be looking at Azure and dedicated platforms in later sessions. Look out for registration links next week.

What is Cyber Security Performance Management?

The linked article is a blatant plug for a scorecard platform (no, I don't get paid for linking to it). Reading it gave me pause for thought. I can think of dashboards that show number of threats, and the number that have been mitigated; dashboards that show number of 'attacks' (...


Identity and Access Management: Preventing a Cyber Attack

I read the linked article to see if there were any new insights on the application of IAM to prevent the kind of attacks we see. Nope. That prompted me to think of a simple way of prioritising the security and privacy related actions that we all should take. If I start by poin...


Red Cat Partners with GoChain for Blockchain-Based Drone Data Storage, Analytics, and Services …

Today's winners of the BS Bingo competition. It only needs the inclusion of 'AI' and 'Quantum' to sweep all before it...: [...] Red Cat developed the industry’s first blackbox flight recorder and distributed system for drones with security and encryption that regulators and insu

Android 10: All the new features to expect from Google’s latest operating system

The one feature I'd really like to see is some way to educate users not to download apps without thinking "Do I really need this?" and "Do I trust this?"...: [...] With more than 2.5 billion devices around the world using Android, security has become a major concern for the deve