Happy GDPR Day?

Even though the regulation has been in force for 2 years, today marks the day when enforcement action starts. I guess, like me, most people are fed up with the number of 'please opt-in' emails that are being sent out and others wailing about 'having to delete my marketing databas...


Applying deep learning to cybersecurity: why a generic approach just isn’t enough

As with cloud-washing, I've become weary of 'AI/ML-washing'. I'd go further than this article and suggest that not every situation is appropriate for the application of deep learning techniques. Bear that in mind the next time a vendor adds 'now with added artifcial intelligence/

AI Can Help Cybersecurity—If It Can Fight Through the Hype

Helping to cut through the AI BS...: [...] "I actually don't think a lot of these companies are using artificial intelligence. It's really training machine learning," says Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of the cybersecurity defense firm Malwarebytes, which promoted its own machine le