New definition of critical infrastructure

The pandemic has caused a re-evaluation of who is a 'key worker' so I shouldn't be surprised by quite a wide definition of 'critical'. Is a Zoom call 'critical'?...: [...] The Australian’s Government Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 defines as critical infrastructure

Four more European nations sign onto US 5G security agreements

In my decades of working for telcos we had little intrinsic trust in suppliers. We always built test networks and bashed the hell out of them for functional and operational resilience before putting anything in production. I sat on the engineering board for one of BT's PABX manuf...


Bright sparks

This comments rings true. Cock-up trumps malicious intent every time...: [...] What are the biggest risks of moving to remote working? Emma Philpott, chief executive of IASME, the body that works with the government to assess the cybersecurity readiness of smaller UK companies,


Microsoft renames and unifies more products under Microsoft Defender brand

I haven't yet got around to testing Defender's Linux and MacOS offerings (and looking for iOS & Android) with the supposed nirvana of all anti-malware control in one place. However, I'd still look for an alternative to pick up the stuff that Defender misses (or is deliberatel...

Four ways network traffic analysis benefits security teams

I sat next to a head of security for a large academic institution in Eastern Europe at an event just before the pandemic shut everything down. He told me that just monitoring DNS lookups and the traffic types was his most effective way of identifying compromised devices. This art...