ICO joins the UK Regulators Network

The ICO has joined the UK Regulators Network (UKRN) as a full member.

Hackers Behind ‘Triton’ Malware Target Electric Utilities In US

The spread of utility hacking continues...: It has been reported that Xenotime, the threat actor behind the 2017 Trisis/Triton malware attack, is now targeting — in addition to oil and gas organizations — electric utilities in the United States and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region


The Perils of Automatic Updates

I tend to bang on about the balance of risk between updating everything automatically, and running the more traditional 'Dev > Test > Stage > Production' method of introducing change. With the fashion for CI/CD and the automation available you'd think that we've got this


Yes, AI Has a Carbon Footprint

My impression is that IT consumes more energy than more notorious sectors like air transportation. It looks like AI won't help...: Artificial intelligence might seem ephemeral, but the incredible recent advancements in machine learning have an environmental cost. According to

Apple to replace iTunes with separate services: report

I only fire up iTunes when doing a backup/restore for a phone. Not sorry to see it go... Apple will scrap its iTunes service during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference which begins on Monday US time, a report says, adding that it would be replaced ...