Tycoon Ransomware Banks on Unusual Image File Tactic

I trust that you're monitoring anything that attempts to disable anti-malware processes? (yes, I have a solution for that)...: [...] Also, the attackers disabled the organization’s anti-malware solution with the use of the ProcessHacker utility and changed the passwords for Acti

Zoom Restricts End-to-End Encryption to Paid Users

I pay for my businesses Zoom accounts. Looks like Zoom are attempting a clear differentiation between paid and 'free'...: The end-to-end encryption feature will not be offered to free users, Zoom’s CEO said, in case Zoom needed to comply with federal and local law ...


What’s the harm in Zoom schooling or contact tracing?

Are we all 'Digital Natives' now? This article from Deutsche Welle discusses the fallout of the rush to digital everything that's been prompted by the pandemic. On the education front it ignores the digital divide that's become apparent here in the UK between families that have b...


Understanding cyber threats to APIs

Apart from ubiquitous APIs like Google Maps, most of my experience has been with APIs for enterprise security platforms. They tend to adopt a "everything allowed" once you have authenticated so need a lot of care in setting up, testing, and credential management...: [...] In add

MOT future updates may see cars tested for cyber security to avoid being hacked

As reported by the mainstream media in the UK. I'd also like to see PAT testing extended to include some elements of data security...: MOT tests may soon introduce the clause when driverless cars hit the road to ensure safety and quality standards are maintained for road users.