Top European football clubs find themselves in the relegation zone for cybersecurity

I remember carrying a very similar story. It looks like they haven’t learned much...: Football and cyber security don't often get mentioned in the same sentence, but with billions of pounds invested into the richest football leagues in the ...

Twitter discloses suspected state-sponsored attack

After the Marriott hack, more evidence of state sponsored intel gathering activity...: Twitter says data leak occurred after an attack targeting a vulnerability in its support form system.


Law Firm Innovation – The Newest BS Phrase

I recently invited my contacts on LinkedIn to write down their 'trigger words'. One of mine is the oft-misued 'innovation'. It seems I'm not the only one...: Having recently attended a conference on law firm innovation, I came to the realization that Blockchain has lost its pre-


Why website security captchas are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Time to rethink your use of captchas. I tend to use them to lessen the amount of spam sent by bots using contact forms. Looks like that's not going to work in future...: [...] Mr Guixin Ye, the lead student author of the work said: “It allows an adversary to launch an attack on

Start-up aims to be an Airbnb of computer databases by letting people rent out unused data storage

I can see parallels with the edge-computing initiatives from HP and others. At its simplest, we are all carrying around highly capable computing and storage devices that can do so much more than distribute cat memes...: Heavyweight players like Amazon and Microsoft dominate the